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Co-Vid 19 vs The NHS


Honestly, that’s the only time you’ll see the ‘correct’ term being used for this virus so if you’re easily offended stop reading now. From here on it will be Kung Flu, Hong Kong Fluey and Flu Manchu all the way! Why? A quick look into the British sense of humour will reveal all. Nicknames and recycling words for new use has a long tradition in British humour, see The Two Ronnies, Morcambe & Wise, Monty Python, Not The Nine O Clock News, and the Carry On films among our fine, fine range of comedies. It’s quite tempting just to leave a load of links and say ‘go find out for yourself’ but from what I see online many (too many) people find that quite difficult. This was revealed when someone, with the internet at their fingertips, informed me quite seriously that Spanish Flu came from Spain, German Measles came from Germany, and chicken pox – yes, you guessed it, from close contact with chickens! This person didn’t even take a few seconds to look online to check their info. This person, who I’m sure would consider themself intelligent and informed, was wrong on all 3 counts. Hey I know we all make mistakes, I’ve certainly made my share, but 3 in one sentence must be worthy of some sort of trophy.

Another source of confusion appears to be the incessant Global Averages. Global Averages of anything are bunkum. There is no Global Average level of poverty, no Global Average temperature, no Global Average life expectancy, and there is no Global Average incidence of Kung Flu! All of these things differ country to country, continent to continent, and hemisphere to hemisphere. A Global Average Flu Manchu critical care rate of 5% does not mean all countries will have a 5% critical care rate. Some will have much lower rates, some will sadly have much higher and because of this the average is useless. Let’s say 9 countries have a 1% critical care rate and another has 10%, that’s 10 countries with a total critical care rate of 19%, the average is 1.9%. How is that statistic helpful in describing what has happened? Does it reflect reality at all? So do yourself a favour and just ignore any and all Global Averages no matter what field it may be in. This invariably leads to “but people are DYING”. I’ve been called callous and cold for saying this but… and? People die every day. But the VIRUS! We must SAVE the NHS!, and that got me thinking…

What if the NHS is no longer fit for purpose.

Yes I know what you’re all saying. It’s austerity! Deliberate under-funding! The Tories have always wanted to sell it off! But, but, let’s be honest – this isn’t just a Conservative thing. Labour under Blair didn’t do much to build up infrastructure anywhere AND they started the whole ‘let’s open the UK to a greater variety of immigrants’. In the last 20 years we’ve had massive population growth and NO-ONE thought to reinforce the infrastructure needed to support it. So, if you want to lay blame anywhere – blame Blair. You can also lay the blame on him for allowing companies that lost a bid for an NHS contract to sue the NHS for loss of earnings. Before you start yelling that Blair was a Tory with a red tie may I ask you to check out what cronyism actually is and in what political system it wreaks the most havoc. Chavez, the ‘poor’ President of Venezuela may well have donated 90% of his wages to charity, but his daughter was a multi-millionaire when he died. Cronyism isn’t a facet of capitalism, it’s a facet of statism. In this Conservatives and Labour are as bad as each other and, as has been proven time and again, when you have the Government in control of everything (socialism), cronyism gets much, much worse.

But I digress,

The UK has 3.5 ICU beds per 100,000 of the population (here). That’s not many. For comparison, private healthcare has more than TWICE as many ICU beds just for their paying patients (here). Private healthcare is in a better position to provide care in the face of a virulent epidemic than the NHS. Small wonder the catchphrase for Hong Kong Fluey is Save the NHS.  Every winter we are told whenever possible we should visit our GP or see a pharmacist for advice and treatment, they don’t quite beg us not to go to hospital in a normal year, but give us one nasty flu bug or a bad year for pneumonia and we very quickly hear that the NHS is at breaking point (here here here and here).  Quite why such a fuss is being made of Flu Manchu this year I honestly don’t know. I, and many others, have been looking at the numbers and none of us can see what the big deal is. 

So let’s look at who is most affected  and we see it’s mainly the elderly, 70+ years old with one or more serious pre-existent health conditions. Who is most affected by seasonal flu and pneumonia? People 70+ years old with a serious pre-existent health conditions. Yes there will be some younger people, mostly with underlying health problems, that will become seriously ill and a few of them will die, but it will mainly be the older generations that will suffer the most. This needs to be remembered when looking at where people are most affected (refresh the page to ensure updated statistics and click on a country for more details). Countries with a high incidence of people in a serious condition with Hong Kong Fluey also happen to be countries with a high number of old people who are already ill. I know, shocker right?! To get some perspective on the numbers remember around 1400 people die every day in the UK. To bring that number into focus look here. Did you see that? Almost 500,000 people die every year in the UK, with over 74,000 deaths caused by a respiratory illness. If we assume the vast majority of these deaths will happen over the winter and spring months, that’s 400 a day. Now do you understand why so many are saying this panic simply doesn’t seem to be justified? Don’t be freaked out by the numbers on the chart, take your time and look at what it’s telling you. In the UK on 8th April, over 280,000 tested revealing 60,000+ cases, with just over 1,500 in a serious condition. For some reason the UK no longer gives recovery rates, but general trends appear to show 99%. Here’s a little riddle for you to play with too, why do some countries have much higher case numbers but relatively low death rates? Are some (UK, Italy, France, etc) ascribing deaths WITH Hong Kong Fluey as deaths FROM it? There is a very important distinction to be made there as Italy tried to show everyone here

So being as half a million people die every year here anyway, that rather takes the air out of the Imperial College’s report and we see that the Oxford report, which suggests an extra 20,000 people may die due to Kung Flu is the more reasonable one. Our mortality rate so far shows the number of deaths from a respiratory illness is perfectly inline with what would normally be expected. If an extra 20,000 will die we’ll be looking at 510 deaths a day rather than 400 in this flu season, but remember this won’t actually show as 400-500 deaths a day (some days will have low numbers, some will have high ones and ‘peaks’ happen every year). Is that enough of a reason to shut the whole country down? Seriously? To top it off Prof Neil Ferguson has form for exaggerating risks and reaching ridiculous conclusions  three time loser 

A major source of complaint at the moment is how slowly the Government is responding, but we forget that Parliament has been designed to be slow. You actually want a system that moves slowly as usually they don’t fuck up quite so spectacularly as others (read: dictators). Of course that’s not much help in an emergency if/ when one arises. So let’s see this current debacle as a dummy run and stop and think – is having the Government at the head of the NHS the best way to serve We the People? Obviously not. Most countries that have socialised health care run it as a devolved system. Can you imagine how much money that would free up for nurse’s wages and medical care? Instead of funding a huge health department and all the meetings, dinners, reports, inquiries, and god only knows what else, we could pay for it through, say, Council Tax. Independent Primary Health Care Trusts freed of burdensome Governmental regulations (tick this box, waiting time checks, specific budgets, and so on) would be responsible to the people that they treat. They could manage their resources according to local demographics and plan properly for the future instead of having to incorporate the Govt’s latest daft idea. Also, most of these other healthcare systems have insurance running alongside it – and you have no idea what a difference that could make!

Thanks to lobbying, private health care companies have been able to limit treatment options available to the NHS. Gov’t regulations define what medicines and treatments can be used for which conditions and illnesses, what surgeries and surgical techniques are allowed and even the scope of research. In other words the Government strangles the NHS in red tape and actively prevents innovation and alternative treatments. The bonus for private health is not only are they free from most of this bureaucracy it also keeps their prices artificially high. Allowing the NHS to sell it’s own insurance levels the field ensuring the best outcomes for everyone. There could even be an arrangement where every PCT keeps 8% of their funds (accumulating every year) for emergencies, whether that be the next epi or pandemic, or for rural communities to draw upon in times of need. 

When the NHS was first created the most technical equipment it used was X-rays. Medicine has come a long way since then and we simply cannot expect to have world class treatments available to everyone while the funding is so chronically mismanaged and its restraints are so tight. If Flu Manchu has revealed anything it has been that to SAVE the NHS we need to take it out of Governments’ hands


Some interesting info about Kung Flu…  flu vaccines increase susceptibility to corona and other viruses  an enlightening interview with a virologist  the EU being anything but helpful and compassionate failing all else it will make you laugh




Simple Ways To Support Your Immune System

Stop watching the News! Stress runs your immune system down quicker than any virus and the media is on full blown overdrive.

Get a bottle of Echinacea. I prefer Vogel’s Echinaforce tincture but anything will do. It IS safe to take echinacea long term, so take it twice a day. Three times a day if you get ill with any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.

Vitamins. No need to get super expensive, high dose ones – you’ll just end up with very expensive pee. A basic multi-vitamin and mineral complex will give all you need.

Low dose vitamin C. 200mgs taken 5 times a day is far more effective than 1 gram taken once a day.

Take some time in your day to do something you enjoy. Paint, dance, sing, pot some plants, dig around in the garden, take a walk, meditate, anything. Just make sure it’s for the joy of doing it.

Help a neighbour. There will undoubtedly be someone nearby that is either vulnerable or scared and a friendly face could make their day. For you the bonus is the feelgood factor from helping, whether it’s going to the shop for them or just giving them some time. Both of you will have a little immune system lift.

Don’t go mad with the shopping, but get a little more than you need. The warnings have been given for years, so more fool you if you haven’t yet got a little stash to tide you over but buying it ALL now is pointless. In the meantime people are going crazy for tinned and dried foods so why not give your diet a boost by getting the fresh stuff. Prepare and freeze vegetables, if you’re feeling adventurous try drying your own fruit. Again the feelgood factor for taking control will give you a lift. 

Remember virologists and other biological scientists are saying that most people will only experience a mild infection. Yes some people will be badly affected and that is sad, but also, that is life. These same people would be badly affected by normal seasonal flu. No one person can save the world so don’t carry the worlds weight on your shoulders. Keep calm and do what you can. It will pass soon enough.

Did You Miss It?


Currently watching Politics Live, PMQs, and what a shit show!! The, now extensively debunked, Gender Pay Gap? Rape victims have a workaround for the 2 child cap that is somehow discriminatory because they have to prove rape? What is the rate of sickness benefit in another country? Hate speech? Amusing deflections which make the rest of it bearable. More tests for a struggling NHS to carry out. The SNP still blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings. Surely there are a few MPs that see what bollocks this all is. Why are they not standing up and shutting these ‘talking points’ down with either clear facts or internally consistent reason? Isn’t that what MPs are paid for; seeing through the facade of media hype, using reason to work through emotion laden problems, to deal with the REAL problems facing the country rather than what the screechers on Twatter are enraged about on any given day? Oh, and there’ll be new houses for immigrants – everyone else can go swing. That’s not going to increase tensions anywhere is it? As for JC being concerned that carers visiting people at home are possible spreaders of illness (esp COVID 19), wtf does he thinks happens in care homes?!! The risk is actually lower with home visits.

But I digress

Kung Flu is sweeping the world, kinda, sorta, not really leaving devastation in its’ wake. Trade is taking a hit because China is temporarily screwed, highlighting just how reliant on them many countries have become. Perhaps the time has come to produce the basics in our own countries again. Sunak has just announced the Budget and one has to wonder just how conservative the Conservatives are, but that is for another time. For now let’s have a quick look at the Kung Flu hysteria and perhaps take a different perspective

Global Markets have taken a hit! Global Finance is in trouble! Global whateveritis is suffering!


There are no Global Markets. There is no Global Finance.

I was surprised during the whole ‘if we Leave the EU business will fall off a cliff’ scaremongering that I had to point out to a businessman that countries don’t trade with each other, businesses do. That many UK businesses had already arranged contracts with their European partners so for them the future held no fear. This is true globally too. There are no global markets, there are businesses that trade with other businesses in different countries. To say it’s global is to say there is only ONE business controlling ALL of it. There is no global wealth. There is no National Wealth. There is the wealth of individuals added together that might approximate national wealth, but this wealth doesn’t belong to the Nation – it belongs to the individuals. Adding up all the wealth held by all the individuals in the world does not make it Global Wealth, and unless I missed some huge change in banking, there is a lot more than ONE bank handling international finance – so there is no global finance. 

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can be it was planned that way” FDR.

Now I’m going to assume you’re not so naive as to believe politicians hold all the power being as they are obviously beholden to whoever gives them the greatest amount of money. That means they are firstly the whipping boys of the Bankers and secondly the bitches of Big Business. Sadly, dear reader, tax payers barely appear on their radars. So while I left Conspiracy Theory world over 4 years ago it must be said that you never quite get out, mainly because some of it is actually true. On that note let’s take a step back and see what’s been going on…

Brexit was a kick up the backside of the powers that shouldn’t be who were unprepared for the result. That’s why it was delayed for so long, so behind the scenes they could reorganise and (probably) set up a new plan. Trump being elected was also a shock to the system but there are enough people around him to ensure he can’t shake up the plans too much. This is pretty much confirmed by his ‘opposition’ in this years US elections. Personally I’m waiting to see if Michelle Obama stands – if she does the US Deep State is in panic mode and Trump is making waves in all the right places. We’ll see. These two bucks to the system has set off tremors across the political system with the rise of Nationalist (thankfully not supremacist) Partys throughout Europe. There is only so much White Guilt people can carry, especially when no-one alive today took part in the miseries and abominations of hundreds of years ago, and while a few are actually racist, most are just sick to death of being blamed for all the ills in the world. 

In Dec 2019 Kung Flu broke out in China, markets held. In Jan 2020 the UK officially left the EU, markets lift. In Feb 2020 Trump is acquitted after a ludicrous impeachment, markets lift. March 2020 Kung Flu is causing panic everywhere providing a great cover for Saudi Arabia increasing oil output while decreasing the price (supposedly to kick Russia who had refused to lower their own output), markets crash. What hits the headlines? Kung Flu has crashed the markets! What are politicians talking about? How to support/ compensate businesses hit by Kung Flu. Who will be the hardest hit? Big Business and Bankers, of course we aren’t hearing about how they will be compensated though you can guarantee they will be. Most definitely you won’t hear how their losses are offset by the savings on oil because looking at the whole picture is strictly forbidden nowadays no matter what the issue is.

In 2008 the Bankers were bailed. In 2020 we’ll be bailing multi-nationals, who work hand in glove with the Bankers. The term is ‘wealth extraction’ and it always follows a crisis. 

There are no Global Markets. There is no Global Finance. If a multi-national business or bank might fail if it doesn’t get a shed load of money, let it.


Finally, Things Are Moving Again



Holy crap the last 3 1/2 years have been boring! How have people have stuck it out on social media arguing the same talking points for so long? I dipped back in to the time sucking hole known as Facebook around the election and there they were, the same words, attitudes, clickbait headlines, everything, just as it all was in 2016. Now we all like our echo chambers and most of the time they are healthy as they foster a sense of kinship and community. What I find unhealthy is when the echo chamber insists you must agree with ALL of it’s tenets or be cast out as a heretic!!

From this, being a supporter of the Labour Party meant you had to agree with Momentum’s ridiculous ideology (which is pretty much diametrically opposed to supposed traditional Labour values), choosing a vegan diet for the health benefits means you have to believe you’re crusading against climate change, being pro-science means you have to agree with whatever is trolled out by ‘experts’ even when the contradictory science is sound, has more research, & doesn’t manipulate data or make up bizarre theories to sustain itself. I could add more but you get the picture, feel free to add your own. Of course anyone disagreeing with any of these ‘unassailable’, ‘moral’, ‘unquestionable’, ‘truths’ was called every ‘ist’, ‘phobic’ and ‘denier’ under the sun, often quite unjustly.

Some of the chats I’ve had have been most informative of attitudes and most often it’s the ones with complete strangers that are the most revealing. I live in an area split between middle class Socialists and low waged/ unemployed Labour supporters. The Socialists opine that they want a ‘fairer’ Britain, the low wagers want someone to fight their corner. These champagne Socialists should reclaim the name Fabians, because that’s what they are. They despise the working class at heart, believing they are unintelligent grunts (which, by the way, shows how little they understand intelligence) who need to be guided as they are too stupid to understand what is good for them. Accepting that such grunts will always be needed for jobs that require actual physical labour (perish the thought that they might get callouses on their own hands!) they believe there are far too many of them and perhaps some kind of intervention (such as sterilisation) would be a good idea. Of course this treatment should only be meted out to native Brits, all others are protected by virtue of, well, not being a native Brit. So you see, by reducing the number of grunts leeching off the system, life will be fairer for everyone else! However it doesn’t end there. Oh no. There’s the other end of the scale too, the super rich. They absolutely must go! It doesn’t matter that Once Upon A Time they held Richard Branson, Steve Jobs (deceased, unforgiven), Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, James Dyson, et al, in high esteem for their rags to riches stories, now that they are part of the mega rich club they are viewed as intrinsically evil and completely untrustworthy. Bill Gates is doing his best to redeem himself by giving his money away, though until he is penniless he is unlikely to be forgiven. You see, the Fabians don’t mind people being moderately wealthy like they are but they simply cannot bear people having more than them! Tell them that the men laying the tracks for HS2 are earning at least £40k per year and the looks on their faces are priceless!! A mixture of disdain for someone doing such a filthy job, horror that such lowly labourers could be given (given!!!) so much money… and envy. Oh the envy. Therein lies the heart of the Fabians, greed, envy, pride and anger. The moral high horse that they sit on gives them a sense of pride, the anger comes from not being able to get their own way with society at large.

A little nugget of info I dropped in a few places was “the top 5% of earners pay 50% of the UK collected income tax, with the top 1% paying 12% of the total collected”. This was invariably replied to with “what’s wrong with that?”, “what’s your point?”, “they should!”, “they should pay more, they can afford it!”, etc, etc. I had 2 go-to follow up questions – should GPs pay more tax? Apparently not. The thing is the top 5% are people that earn £80k+ a year and most London GPs earn around £90k. Now this caused some discomfort because people had to get their heads around the idea that some working for the NHS might be in it just for the money, but at least that question elicited a response. There was nothing other than silence to the 2nd question – how much of someone else’s money is it ‘fair’ to take?

This morning Owen Jones was talking about increasing Corporation Tax to fund tuition fees allowing students to study for free. Currently the cost for such free education would be £8 billion a year. Now we all know he rails about how the multi-nationals avoid paying tax through loopholes, off shore banking, and generally working the system. No-one can deny that these things happen. I have a friend that is all but apoplectic because Tesco’s have never paid a penny in Corporate Tax, ever! So do tell us, Owen, who exactly would end up funding these extra billions for education? Why of course it would be the small to medium sized businesses again. Who would benefit the most? Probably those big multi-nationals. Ironic huh? The unspoken point here is, if a business is hit with an extra charge where do they get the money from? They increase their prices, so it’s not the company paying it but every one of their customers. In other words – You.

A quick look online shows there are over 400 courses for Bachelor degrees available to study in the UK with quite a number having no obvious career path leading from them. How about we start by looking first at exactly which courses we think are important enough to be offered for ‘free’. Go back 40 years and you’ll find 5-10% of the population had a degree. Now it’s 42% (look here). On the surface this could sound like an amazing improvement but, like anything else, it has resulted in a loss of perceived value. How does anyone stand out when almost half the population has a degree? So while everyone is stamping their feet about student debt, the upshot of Blair’s policy to get 50% of students into university means they have to have at least a Masters to get any recognition which involves several years more study and associated debt. Owen was also rather disillusioned by the free market set up that charging tuition fees has allowed. It seems he’s rather disappointed that some universities have dropped unpopular courses. So is that the benefit of ‘free’ education, for universities to keep running courses that no-one, or very few, want to study? Or is the benefit of charging for studies that students get to choose what books they will bury themselves in for 3 years?

Hopefully we’re seeing the beginning of the end of identity politics now that the different groups are erasing their own reasons to exist. For 50+ years homosexuals have been telling us they were ‘born this way’ and suddenly along come the trans activists (not the actual trans people) screeching that gender is a social construct, sexuality is fluid, and there is no such thing as male or female thereby effectively saying homosexuality is a choice! So all the angst and suffering that my gay friends went through in their teenage years wasn’t real huh? Completely unnecessary. All they had to do was choose to be heterosexual. What a joke! A cruel, undermining, negating, joke. Another bizarre twist of thinking is how the same people that condemn FGM will fully support giving children puberty blockers. Children. You know, the ones who are too young to decide for themselves whether to smoke, drink, get married, vote, work, those who don’t understand the complexity of human biology nevermind the long term impact of drug therapy, those who we want to protect from Big Pharma dosing them with neuro-toxins in the form of anti-depressants, ADHD meds, vaccines, chemicals on their foods, poisons in the air and whatever the hell else people are whining about these days. Yes, those delicate flowers that can’t possibly have Round Up on their potatoes because it might make them ill when they’re middle aged will be absolutely fine taking mega doses of synthetic hormones. The mind boggles! For those who wish to call me out for conflating FGM and trans issues, you’re right, there is no comparison. FGM doesn’t leave the girl sterile. It’s evil for sure, but doesn’t affect the whole body. Perhaps if we start calling puberty blockers *chemical castration* people will start to understand how abusive this practice is. As for racism, sexism, and white privilege – just give it a rest now, please. If the UK is so racist why are people from all over the world coming to live here? If sexism is so widespread why do I see females holding important roles throughout all fields? There is no white privilege, there IS wealth privilege, and that doesn’t care what colour your skin is. Money talks and corruption is the result no matter what colour the skin may be.


If you agree with anything I’ve written here you are a despicable alt-right bigot that should be shunned by all society so your evil thoughts never see the light of day. Apparently that’s Progress *sigh*

2016 Rants and Rambles


2016 will be a memorable year for most I believe. Whether for good or bad, well that’s a different story. On a personal note the first 6 months were pretty good, but then there was Brexit. Much to the concern of many people close to me I voted to Leave. For a while I seemed to be a bit of a pariah while the media portrayed all Leave voters as poor, uneducated, racists. There was a most cringeworthy interview arranged between 2 middle-aged housewives from Lancashire and 2 young university students from somewhere down South. I’ll give you 3 guesses how that turned out. This is our supposedly unbiased media at its worst, pointedly ignoring decades of immigrants and refugees being welcomed into, and integrated by, traditionally working class areas. You’ll notice they didn’t have the balls to bring James Dyson and Jacob Rees-Mog MP to debate the  students – now that would’ve made good viewing. Of course dear ol’ Richie Branson was everywhere talking about how, for the sake of the business quarter, we simply must Remain. This ‘icon’ of British Industry, the rags to riches story (the truth of which is nothing like you’ve been told), is one of the many using the EU tax laws to save his company a fucking fortune every year while paying his workers minimum wage. Yeah, what a hero. Oh and lest we forget, the same media also ignored huge swathes of ethnic minorities who also voted Leave because, well y’know, it just wouldn’t be PC to call them racist would it….? What a joke.

However, there was a greater farce playing itself out on social media. For years, and I do mean years, there have been people on social media berating folk for voting. Lines such as ‘voting makes you complicit in your own slavery’, ‘voting makes no difference’, ‘it’s just a game’, ‘your vote doesn’t count for shit’, ‘if voting actually changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it’, and so on….

The day after the Referendum they couldn’t get their tongues up the Leave voters arses quick enough! ‘Oh you great people, thank you!’, ‘I cannot thank you guys enough for getting us out of the EU’, ‘I wish I could buy every Leave voter a pint, you are all heroes’. Fucking hypocrites!!! Let’s have a look at a little infographic shall we….


Almost 28% of the eligible population didn’t vote. Of those it was pretty much a 50-50 split between ‘did not vote’ and ‘not registered to vote’. I would guess the overwhelming reason  would be voter apathy and who could blame them, but what if maybe around 5% of them had been swayed by the constant barrage of doomsayers that had been in full swing for so long. Such as the Anarchists who just want to buck the system, the Legal Name squad, the Russell Brand effect (do you remember him?!), the Freemen clutching their copies of the Magna Carta, and assorted others, all proclaiming that voting achieves less than nothing. These are the very people who should have been at the front of the queue to cast their vote to Leave! No-one can deny the result was close, less than 3%. Those 5%, heck even if it were only 2 or 3%, those additional Leave votes would have made a huge difference. But it gets worse……

Not only was there no eating of humble pie, no admission that their previous cries of ‘voting is a waste of time’ were bollox, no mention that their praise of ‘democracy’ that day (and ever since) was a complete turnabout from their previous view of it, oh no…. Instead they have become self-proclaimed wells of knowledge on all things political! The very people who were shooting their mouths off telling any who would listen that politics is just a sham, a play to convince the masses that they had some power, are now the most politically astute folk on the planet. Don’t get me wrong I’m the first to say we live with a sham of democracy and if anyone hasn’t yet figured out that the people who hold Power are never elected, well we’re just going to have to leave them with their illusions now. The UK vote to Leave the EU sent the greatest shockwave through the global halls of power than any revolution in history. Not that the media will have you believe that, mainstream or alternative, they are all hailing Trump as the great Globalist usurper. He very obviously is but the only reason he won the US elections is because of the Referendum over here. Whether you choose to believe in energy, global consciousness, The Field, or plain and simple revolution, it started in the UK. I’m not taking anything away from the millions that have marched for various reasons over the years, those marches are amazing – but politically it has always been the vote that has counted. Just when The Powers That (shouldn’t) Be thought they had us done down we shafted them. And we were good….

Ahhh Trump. What a guy. Hillary didn’t really stand a chance with all her polish and rhetoric – the same old glib lines and soundbites that the Americans had heard time and time before and knew would lead nowhere. Suddenly there’s this quite extraordinarily orange guy actually talking the way normal people do! Not only that, he’s saying things they can relate to. He even threatened to lock her up! No wonder the Americans love him, what a breath of fresh air. So, we know he can’t do everything he said but if he manages half of it the USA will change dramatically – as will the rest of the world. Fingers crossed he does re-negotiate or tear up the trade deals. TTIP looks like a dead duck now and hopefully he will crush TPP and then get to work on NAFTA. Who cares if the Clintons get locked up, I for one would love to see their faces when their treason is exposed (paedophile charges excluded, hang all found guilty for that). We know he’s been spoken to by the real power brokers over there and no doubt he’s been told exactly how far he can go, remember he is NOT a politician he’s a businessman so we can be pretty sure he’s had a few ‘warnings’ already. Right now it looks like he’s playing their game just enough to keep himself alive. Speaking directly to the public through Twitter and YouTube, how shocking! What an inspired move. Of course mainstream media are trying to hold themselves up as the bastions of truth now. They are suggesting that every word spoken or printed has been thoroughly researched and double checked so there’s no way any misinformation could come through them. Really? You couldn’t make this shit up! That Trump could lie directly to the public without them being in the middle to check and double-check all that he says – this is the defense of the people who brought you: WMDs, Dr David Kelly committed suicide, EU insists on straight bananas, glyphosate is safe for consumption, al-Qaeda, Syria, … In fact don’t take my word for it, watch Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis and see for yourself how ‘honest’ these ‘thorough researchers’ are

Here in the UK our ‘buck the system’ guys are Jeremy Corbyn (rampant socialist) and Nigel Farage (rampant capitalist). Both are dead ends politically if you follow the plans through but Corbyn is a thorn in the Globalists side. He has no love for the EU or the (hopefully fading) idea of a One World Government, the ultimate communist wet dream, but sees value in individual nation states trading fairly while The State provides for everyone at home. It’s a start, but actually what we need is something new. This odd dichotomy that we’ve been choosing from for generations no longer gives us the options we need. Centralised Government doesn’t work, we can see that all across the world, but does that mean the only other way is no Government? Talk to an Anarchist of any school and that’s pretty much the choice you’re given. I like the ideals of Anarchy but there is no way society is ready for it yet, there needs to be a bridging plan. Sadly I’ve not yet spoken to anyone that has one. My own ideas would be – devolve power back to the Counties. Let the different Boroughs make their own plans for budgets, etc to meet the needs of local populations, the Borough Councils would then be held directly responsible and individual councillors would be held to account. There would be a limited Government to take care of national and international matters, this would include the economy, infrastructure, education, the NHS, trade, defence, law & justice, and so on – accountable to the general public but no longer poking into our lives. The people in Government would be the best of the best, no more old school tie cronyism, but respected, experienced folk who actually understand the job they have. People should be free to live their lives as they wish, as long as they do not cause harm, injury or loss to anyone else in the process. I don’t believe that each County should become self-sufficient, which is an idea I’ve heard too many times now. Most countries have been set up as companies and as such are organised to maximise profit, this means they are already arranged in the best way possible. How does a major city suddenly find enough land to grow the crops needed? It doesn’t unless you engage in a massive relocation and demolition programme which strikes me as a fabulous waste of time. That each Nation should be self-sufficient is a no brainer, inasmuch as each country should be able to meet the basic needs of the people and international trade can take care of the rest, but I think that may take a while. Rampant capitalism destroys the environment and doesn’t care about people, rampant socialism becomes communism and that leads to stagnation. Quite simply the quickest way to stop innovation today is to take away reward. Capitalism in and of itself is not the big evil, it’s when it is unregulated and driven by profit that it becomes a problem, however innovation demands it so a solution must be found. But these are my ideas and opinions and I don’t ask you to agree, but I will ask you to think about alternative politics because we need new ideas and we need them now!

By now you’ve probably realised why the main pic for this blog says ‘In loving memory of when I gave a shit’. Most of us now have chosen a position of either political Left or Right and I have just managed to insult both – yay me! I’m tired of having to be careful of what I say and how I say it just in case it offends someone. I’m so done with political correctness, which when you think about it is mind control par excellence. No need for the Thought Police when we monitor ourselves so well. That doesn’t mean I see no value in the positive side of PC, but it has gone too far when you can’t criticise anyone or anything without being labelled   So in for a penny in for a pound, cos why the hell not, I’m now going to disgust every Liberal Left friend I have….


Yeah go on say it. I’m racist, intolerant, fear mongering, etc. Oh but you can’t because I didn’t say anything –  all I did was present 3 videos which show what Islam is about. I have friends and neighbours of different ethnicities and religions, and the one thing Muslims don’t want…. Sharia Law. The people who have lived and raised their children here see how barbaric and unjust it is and they certainly don’t want it for their daughters! However one thing they will say, if the Muslim population of the community grew to 70% and Sharia was called in – they would have to agree or be called a ‘bad’ Muslim. Circular logic, an inward looking philosophy and ultimately barbaric in its treatment of women, homosexuals, trans-anything, animals, in fact anything that isn’t Alpha Male, this is the Islam being brought into West. An Islam that has changed beyond recognition because of wars and other political interventions, Wahhabi Islam. If you want to see what’s coming I recommend An Angry Foreigner on YouTube

Ready for some more?


I am in absolutely no doubt that most Western Muslims would have the same outlook as the average Jew. They don’t care what you believe, whether you agree with their religion or not, that we are all just people living our lives. Unfortunately it is not these people who get to choose the direction of their religions. Judaism/ Zionism in its extreme leads to global communism for all but them, whom we would ‘willingly’ serve because they are just so wonderful (look at the corruptions of the banking system, governments and media before deciding that) and Islam leads to socialism, again for the majority but you can bet your life the Aga Khan and other Royals won’t be part of the from each according to his ability, to each according his need – thanks a fucking bunch Karl Marx. Being outside of but choosing to support one of these ideologies over the other is akin to choosing your destroyer. Get a grip. The media have had Islam front and centre for a long time now so we can see what’s coming but say little about the Zionist infiltration of every part of our society. If we don’t stand against both now then when will we? Now is not the time for each to choose, now is the time for each to unite – for all our sakes.

Am I imagining things or can I already hear the screams of the non-binary Social Justice Warriors baying for my blood? 2016 was the year for the SJWs and their neo-feminist cohorts being equally scary and hilarious often both at the same time. How many of you saw the video where It asked if gender is defined by your bits? Well duh! That’s been working well enough since forever to determine gender. Of course you could look at the question genetically, but you still only have male or female. This gender confusion has nothing to do with sexuality, nor with transgender folk – this is a growing group of attention seeking young folk trying to rebel in a new way. 20yrs ago it was called androgyny (see, it’s not new) but there was no gender confusion, so I guess we’ll end up calling this Androgyny 1.5. The danger that they don’t see, because looking passed their own nose is too scary, is the influence this has on primary school age children. These 3 things, neo-feminism, SJW’s and the non-binarys, are coming together to create a perfect storm that they won’t recognise until it hits. I mean, really, if the worst thing that’s going on in your life is that you get offended but someone calling you a young man or a young lady then, well, you lucky fucker – I wish my life were so easy!

For a cutting but entertaining breakdown of neo-feminism watch Thunderf00t’s series, but take your time as there is a lot to get through…

To understand the complete hypocrisy of the SJWs you could have a laugh with Social Justice Warriors vs Logic

And to get to grips with what’s happening in universities now and how this has all happened before search out Camille Paglia, perhaps buy a book or 2…


I wonder how many that started reading this have made it through this far.

2016 was also the year we lost a great many sound and vision icons. Some were simply old, others just weren’t old enough. It was heart breaking losing the people who have been the soundtracks or on-screen companions of our lives. Again the commentators on social media had something to say. Seemingly we shouldn’t grieve for these people because we didn’t actually know them, or at least that was their take when it was an artist they didn’t particularly admire. Or how about this, taking some time to be stunned by the latest news meant you were taking your eye off the ball. The people in Syria are still dying! Standing Rock is still happening! Have you forgotten about the refugee crisis?! The Snoopers Charter! The NHS is falling apart! Well guess what – all that shit carried on anyway and nothing was lost by folk claiming a few hours to grieve or mourn in their own way. Ffs! Who gave any fuckwit on these platforms the right to guide our own morals and feelings? These people who speak so highly of respect, freedom of speech and expression, and the value of life! Honestly these tossers really need to take stock of themselves and see what they are becoming….

So now we’ve done politics, religion, social justice, neo-feminists, gender idiots, iconic losses and hypocritical social commentators so this seems to be the appropriate place to do a good news section. Not only is this a little sweetner for any Lefties that got this far, it’s also a poke in the eye to those who said petitions wouldn’t achieve anything. Look at what they accomplished in 2016…

See, it does work. There’s also Greenpeace, Avaaz, and whoever else you can think of. Together we are powerful, but you have to remember who is implementing the policies – so be careful what you ask for!!

Are You Pro or Anti Vaccine? Either Way You Are Missing The Point


wtf vax


Let me list another bunch of chemicals: Alpha-Linolenic-Acid, Asparagine, D-Categin, Isoqurctrin, Hyperoside, Ferulic-Acid, Farnesene, Neoxathin, Phosphatidyl-Choline, Reynoutrin, Sinapic-Acid, Caffeic-Acid, Chlorogenic-Acid, P-Hydroxy-Benzoic-Acid, P-Coumaric-Acid, Avicularin, Lutein, Quercitin, Rutin, Ursolic-Acid, Protocatechuic-Acid, and Silver.

You know what that is from? An APPLE.

If you click on the above link it will take you to a webpage where you can peruse over 200 different medicines with the words vaccine and 2 phenoxyethanol OR formaldehyde OR aluminium listed. Knock yourself out. In the meantime don’t send me links to articles about  vaccines containing thiomersal as a ‘plausible’ argument against vaccines as the UK hasn’t used mercury since 2004. But don’t stop there. Hell no! Once you have searched this site for all those nasty, nasty chemicals you then have to do another search to find out which of these toxic chemicals are also present in the body as a normal part of metabolic waste  – no I’m not going to do it all for you, but this is a damn good way of weeding out the lovers of fear porn and hype from those with a genuine interest.

Oh and can we bear in mind when looking at the above pic that water is toxic to any organism in large enough amounts, as is oxygen. Please take another look at the pic. Do you see the emotional hook? Do you see the fear mongering?

Over the last few weeks I’ve looked at quite a few anti-vax webpages and articles. There’s some scary stuff out there, very compelling too. That is until you dig a bit deeper. I’m not going to provide links to these websites and articles because such poor research and writing does not deserve promotion, that may seem harsh but give me a minute and you’ll understand. First though I would like to point out that, as the mother of a 24-year-old, very likely vaccine damaged, son – I am now (having previously been anti-vax) neither pro nor anti vaccine. My hope is that by the end of this little journey you won’t be pro or anti either but rather that you’ll be looking at the whole thing with a slightly different perspective.

So what did I find when looking at the anti-vax literature? I found the website of a former nurse stating that no-one is actually immune to anything after a vaccination, but rather everyone has the infections as underlying, chronic illnesses. Stop. Breathe. Think. If this were true every newborn baby would catch every infection within the first few days of their lives. Another website by a former Doctor states correctly that babies immune systems don’t actually work for the first 12 months but then goes on to say that this is while the baby’s body is ‘getting to know its Self’. Seriously? Every cell of your body has a marker on it which tells the immune system it is a part of You. Newborn babies’ cells have these markers too. That a qualified doctor could make such a ridiculous statement beggars belief. What scientific studies have shown is that it takes 12 months for the baby to grow a full population of gut flora. Gut flora is of course a crucial part of your immunity anyway, but now also appears to play the most important role- triggering the full function of the immune system! Both of these websites offer numerous citations and, if you come across them, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to read the full papers that they are using as evidence. A warning though if you are an anti-vaxxer, reading the full papers will seriously undermine your faith in these people. Papers are selected because 2 lines in it say something close to what the author is claiming, usually preceded by ‘a previous study looked at…’. I have seen papers cited to verify claims when actually the full paper states the complete opposite. Cherry picking your evidence is one thing but this is outright lies! Another website has a whole host of papers covering everything from Aspergers to NASA and the flat earth theory, and some of these papers push the limits of credibility to an all new low. Claims that a hospital was deliberately infecting children with measles to cure them of kidney disease, um no. The hospital found that a childs’ psoriasis cleared after she had measles. This hospital in Switzerland did infect a number of people to see if one illness would counteract another but they didn’t use measles. They used a bacterial skin infection because the discovery of antibiotics meant the infection could be quickly and safely treated. The results of this trial were inconclusive, mainly because of the use of the antibiotics. This same author claims that measles infection reduces the risk of different types of cancers, but not one of the citations given supports this. There are papers stating that polio is still with us but now it’s being hidden under different names such as paralytic polio (well duh), M.E, chronic fatigue syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, transverse myelitis, acute flaccid paralysis, post polio syndrome, and so on. You don’t even need to check the citations, just Google the onset and progression of these conditions and you’ll see. Or how about childhood illnesses are an inflammatory response to a toxic system? Yes this theory has been dragged up again which says that microbes found during an illness are created by the body to breakdown the toxins that an overwhelmed liver cannot cope with. The subsequent discharge, whether as skin rash, runny nose, diarrhoea, cough, etc is different organs being used to expel the broken down toxins. Of course you have to completely ignore the contagious factors associated with chicken pox, colds, conjunctivitis, tummy bugs and everything else that your kid picks up from school if you’re going to buy into this theory. I suppose if you can’t dazzle ’em with diamonds you may as well baffle ’em with bullshit. THIS is why anti-vaxxers are given such a hard time. Doing ‘your research’ doesn’t mean read a few papers that justify your point of view, it means read the sources used to ensure the authors claims are justified.

Make no mistake, I’m not even trying to suggest that vaccines and vaccine research is perfect. There are contradictory studies and controversial conclusions in ever-growing numbers of reports but they are not leading to cries of ‘why are we poisoning our children?’ or ‘vaccines cause autism’. Andrew Wakefield, whose only saving grace is that when he brought MMR into the spotlight recommended that parents opt for the single vaccines instead, is a name to be avoided at all costs. Paid over £400,000 by American lawyers to find a link between MMR and autism so some other families could sue the vaccine manufacturer he never had the best interests of the children he was studying at heart. The link was never established, the American lawsuit failed, but doubt took hold and vaccination numbers tumbled. Autism, quite possibly first described back in 1797 ( is not a side effect of vaccines. There are videos on YouTube of children having their ‘autism’ reversed by heavy metal chelation therapy, so guess what- it was never autism, it was heavy metal poisoning. Vaccines can cause brain damage, this is not denied. What people often forget is, so can measles and whooping cough (pertussis),  There are many charts showing that childhood infection rates were falling before vaccines were introduced, but these charts only show mortality (death) rates. They do not show how many were left disabled following infection. There’s a reason we have so many old buildings hidden behind trees outside little villages in the middle of nowhere, they are the original institutions where such disabled children were sent to live. While some of them have become residential schools and colleges with a focus on empowering and enabling young people with special needs, others have been revamped and are country retreats, hotels and spas. Vaccines reduce the incidence of infection, and where infections still occur the severity of illness is reduced, therefore the number left disabled by them has dropped.

But yes, there are known adverse reactions to vaccines. It’s a long-winded process but if you want to find out for yourself what they are you can look here-

To find out more about vaccine development, safety and testing, look here-

During one conversation it was said that scientists would not be able to predict how all the ingredients used in vaccines would interact and that this is a cause for concern. Can’t argue with that because I’m not a vaccine developer, but they are out there running blogs of their own. As are virologists, geneticists, immunologists, pandemic researchers, bio-chemists, pharmacists, GPs, epidemiologists, in fact pick a field of science and there will be a scientist running a blog answering questions from the general public. Most of the interactions with vaccine ingredients and adjuncts have been discovered simply because they have been used together for so long, but don’t take my word for it- go track down a blog and find out for yourself. In the meantime let’s look at some products found around the home…

Limonene, Amyl Cinnamal Coumarin, Hexyl cinnamal, Eugenol, beta-pinene, alpha-Pinene, Citronellol, 1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2 -naphthalenyl) ethanone (OTNE), 2,4-Dimethyl-3- cyclohexen-1- carboxaldehyde, Geraniol, Linalool

This is a plug-in air freshener.

Benzisothiazolinone – do a search on this now. This is the ONLY ingredient in Febreeze.

<5% Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Benzisothiazolinone, Perfume, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butyphenyl Methylpropional

This is Flash general purpose cleaner

<5%: Non-Ionic Surfactants, Perfume (contains Limonene, may produce an allergic reaction), Others: Water, Alcohol Denat., Sodium Citrate, Fatty Acids, Glyceryl Caprylate, Lactic Acid, Contains process improved fragrance

Ecover general purpose cleaner

5-15% Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, <5% Non Ionic Surfactants, Also contains Perfume, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Salicylate, Preservative (Methylisothiazolinone & Methylchloroisothiazolinone) Chloromethylisothiazolinone

Mr.Sheen household polish

Aqua, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycol Distearate, Sodium Citrate, Cocamide Mea, Sodium Xylenesulfonate, Dimethicone, Parfum, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Tetrasodium Edta, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Panthenol, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Magnesium Nitrate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Magnesium Chloride, Methylisothiazolinone

Pantene shampoo

Now look here

Now go check all the bottles you have in your kitchen and bathroom. See that ingredient Limonene – it becomes formaldehyde on contact with air. Amazing that vaccine manufacturers are lambasted for the use of all their toxic chemicals, but makers of cleaners and beauty products are never taken to task for the crap used in their products. Why is no-one asking what the accumulative effects of all these are? So many endocrine disrupters, allergens, carcinogens in everyday products used around the home, and that’s without looking at the crap that is sprayed onto and added into what we laughingly call food, and yet all our ills are laid at the feet of vaccines….?

So we seem to find ourselves in a Catch 22. Rates of cancers are on the up along with all manner of autoimmune disorders (asthma, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes Types 1 & 2, celiac disease, and arthritis cases all appear to be rising) and it seems to correlate with an increasing number of vaccines being given. However, correlation doesn’t always equal causation. In the same time period we have also seen excessive use of- food colourings, preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial sweeteners, all manner of pesticides & herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, anti-bacterial cleansing products, painkillers, processed foods,…..

Continue that list as long as you like because I know you can. One thing most of these products have in common is, they adversely effect the immune system. This is not a simple case of babies + vaccines = health problems. There is a whole array of issues that need to be taken into account, not least of which is a health industry that ignores food and a food industry that ignores health.

What if the reason for the escalating rates of celiac disease isn’t gluten. What if it’s the chemicals used on the grain that’s causing gastrointestinal distress. Isn’t that an aspect worthy of investigation? AIDs has never been proven to be caused by HIV infection, but one thing AIDs patients in and out of Africa have in common? Their immune systems had crashed (see or get hold of a copy of AIDs Inc, Scandal of the Century by Jon Rappoport to track what really happened). Look into the Hygiene Hypothesis. Take note that your food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be because of farming practices, irradiation, forced ripening, etc. Remember when parents were freaking out because artificial colourings were sending their kids up the wall? Now we have ADHD treated with meds that devastate immune and brain function. Apparently vaccines are involved in lowering our children’s IQ, but we know that education is failing our children. Learning answers to pass tests is not education. Where does logic fit into that? How do children learn to analyse information in that scenario? What hope for intelligence without logic and analysis? Now add a nutrient deficient diet, unnecessary antibiotics, liberal use of Calpol, environmental toxins (as listed before), stressed out parents trying to keep a roof over their heads and continuous adverts telling them they need more of something and we see that life is failing our children. All of these things impact immune function.

Vaccines are not perfect. There are too many of them. Personally, I think that doctors should be encouraged to assess the risks in the local area and recommend vaccines based on risk. There also needs to be a lot more information available, such as seasonal variations of illnesses, so that parents can make informed decisions. Such information would reveal another fallacy that anti-vaxxers choose to promote- that natural infection always confers lifetime immunity. It doesn’t. As adults we tend to plod on through illness taking something or other to help us cope with the worst of the symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t got a rotavirus or whooping cough. We are supposed to be in the information age but all I hear are two voices, one saying all vaccines are bad don’t use them, and another saying vaccines are the greatest breakthrough of modern medicine and everyone should have them all! This is a ludicrous situation considering the lives of the next generation are dependent on it. Clear, concise information while taking the parents state of health and lifestyle into consideration so the best choices possible are made. It then becomes the responsibility of the parent, with advice from a doctor, to choose which vaccines and when.

A quick note for those paying attention- earlier I said studies had shown that it takes 12 months for a baby to grow a full population of gut flora after which their immune system kicks in, remember? Well did you know that vaccine designers and manufacturers had tried vaccines without any adjuvant (thiomersal, aluminium salts, etc) and they had no effect on the baby’s immune system. That’s right, the attenuated virus just sat there floating around in the bloodstream and nothing happened. It’s the adjuvant that, by triggering a threat to life alarm, kick-starts the baby’s immune system. That little nugget of knowledge will at least stop those aggressive pro-vaxxers from spouting the fallacious ‘babies are exposed to germs every day so multiple vaccines must be safe’ line. Maybe babies are exposed to germs everyday, but they will be either harmless or self terminating. If they were in any way dangerous to health an unvaccinated baby under the age of 12 months would have no defense to them. In the UK the first immunisations are given at 3 months, if they are being covered in so many awful germs how many would get to 3 months without being ill? It’s a bullshit line that needs to be stopped. In the meantime, why not get to your local health food shop and find out if there are any probiotics suitable for babies to give their gut flora a boost. And please look into the adjuvants. The threat to life alarm is triggered by teeny tiny amounts, never is there enough to actually be a threat.

Newborn tetanus is virtually unheard of in the UK, as is diphtheria, so why are babies being immunised against them? MMR I do think carries unnecessary risks. So does measles. Vaccinate against measles for the very young. Boys are at risk of being left sterile if they have mumps as a teenager, so immunise them at age 10 or 11 years. Girls to be vaccinated against Rubella at the same age. Simple tweaks that confer the protection needed, as needed. Earlier I mentioned controversial studies have been published that cast doubts on vaccine safety, here is one- However before you go running off screaming ‘they’re killing our babies!!’ have a look at this chart So the first article, well researched and truthfully written, is shown to be entirely misleading when seen in context, over time. It also shoots bloody great holes in the conspiracy theory that vaccinations are being used as a weapon of genocide in developing countries! Not that the chart should be read as showing that vaccines are miracles in and of themselves, there are many contributing factors to be taken into account. That said, it is interesting that developed countries giving fewer vaccines have lower infant mortality rates, something that should certainly be investigated further. Oh and there are no prizes for guessing that the authors of the ‘vaccine overload’ paper are anti-vaxxers. They are.

I feel a need to apologise to anti-vaxxers because it must seem like I’m just here to give them a bashing. I’m not, bear with me a little longer please. There are a few other points that need to be addressed before I turn on modern medicine, but I will.

Quite a few of the big name anti-vax speakers like to wax lyrical about perfect immunity in a world they envision through their (heavily) rose-tinted glasses. For them it’s all about mothers having acquired immunity through natural infection and passing on this immunity for at least the first year of a newborn life via breastfeeding. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Notice how none of them explain how this will be achieved. Being as very few of us have actually caught any of these illnesses for the last 40+ years natural immunity is hard to come by. This means leaving the next generation out on their own to catch ALL of these illnesses. Nevermind the impact that will have on children who are already immunocompromised, though they will be the first to die. Of course it will be very sad if a child already fighting ‘flu gets struck with measles, rotavirus, whooping cough or similar at the same time, but fuck it right?, might as well buy back those hotels and spas and use them as they were meant to be. This is the reality of withdrawing vaccinations, not so pretty after all is it? Don’t even think about deluding yourself that it will only be one generation to suffer and all will be perfect after that, if that were true these illnesses would’ve died out before vaccinations were even contemplated and you know it! It’s all well and good folk living in rural communities preening and saying ‘my children have never been vaccinated and they are doing just fine thank you’, but it’s long been known that infections spread faster through heavily populated areas. Come bring your incredibly healthy children to live in the middle of a big city and see how long it is til they get ill. It would be great to hear how families with both parents working so they can pay the mortgage are meant to afford this ‘at least a year for breastfeeding’. Here in the UK the largest payout from the welfare state is to people who are working but don’t earn enough to pay the rent, please tell me how they are supposed to achieve this idyllic lifestyle. For mothers who choose not to breastfeed or find they can’t for whatever reason, the advice is to hire a wet-nurse. Where is your typical ‘struggling to make ends meet’ family meant to find the money for that? Or perhaps in the ideal world only the wealthy have children. But hey that would give us a whole new conspiracy theory- genocide by vaccine withdrawal. Quick, someone alert the tin foil hat brigade!!


‘In the last 260 years, what has Caucasian medicine cured?’ Dr Sebi leaves himself wide open for debunking and ridicule with some of the things he says, but that question, that one question- you can feel the weight of it can’t you? We’ve got microscopes so powerful we can find the tiniest of particles and telescopes so powerful we can photograph Pluto and all the technology in between, from x-rays to MRI, from radio waves to microwaves, from landlines to mobiles, from wireless radios to wristwatch tvs, heck your tablet can do more in a minute than a whole bank of computers from the 60’s could do in a week!! Yet here we sit with the ‘war on cancer’ and cancer apparently still winning (oh really?), facing obesity and diabetes epidemics and despite following the medical advice of cutting out saturated fats and stopping smoking, heart disease is still one of the biggest killers. Where the fuck did it all go wrong?

I’d go back more than 260 years, but as someone who was studying to be a Naturopath that is hardly surprising. However, my reasoning may be rather different to others. Before the infamous witch hunts we had women with the knowledge to heal a variety of ills, and it wasn’t just herbs. The image of 3 crones around a cauldron brewing foul potions is simply  religious propaganda left over from arguably one of the most evil times in our history. Bearing in mind that there are tribal healers today using the shed skin of a snake with the tail of a scorpion bashed together with particular herbs and roots to make a salve that will heal fairly advanced gangrene, we can no longer sneer at the idea of ‘eye of newt and a dead cats’ tongue’ having  medicinal value. What the values are we will probably never know, the knowledge lost to time. Slowly the traditional healers were shunned and ‘men of science’ treated medical conditions. The onslaught of bleeding ‘bad’ blood out and treating ailments with mercury, opium, lead and other associated snake oil remedies took hold. Luckily the teachings of Hippocrates, Paracelsus and others was kept alive and some of the ‘old’ remedies were sought out by men such as Culpepper and recorded. Throughout the centuries in the background of modern medicine the folklore of herbal remedies endured, notably in rural areas where a consulting doctor was hard to find, and prohibitively expensive when they did visit.

There is little that makes my heart sink faster than hearing people refer to complementary therapists as quacks. Their ‘quackery’ has been around far longer than current medicines, with Herbalism and Naturopathy being the foundation on which modern medicine has grown. Who has heard ‘science tested the herbs and the ones that worked became medicine’? This is almost true. Science looked to find the active components of the herbs and the ones that could be synthesised became medicine. Unfortunately what these forwardlooking scientists didn’t realise was that by focussing only on what they considered to be the active constituents they often lost the supporting and protective factors that the whole herb provided. There are plenty of good kitchen pharmacy books available which can be used to treat everyday ailments so if you are interested in looking after yourself naturally, get one. We also need to resurrect the age-old techniques of temperature control that support the healing process  If it’s not an emergency but there is a need for something stronger then I would advise consulting a qualified herbalist, naturopath or homeopath rather than taking your chances with some of the more powerful remedies.

If it is an emergency, see a doctor. Having principles and values is great but not if you allow yourself or someone else to suffer for them. My son is prone to chest infections which I will treat naturally for the first week. If he improves I’ll carry on using them until he’s recovered, if not he’ll go to the doctor for antibiotics. Giving him antibiotics or letting him die of aspiration pneumonia- which one do you consider to be abuse? Respond appropriately to what is in front of you, not according to your own bias and prejudice.

It seems to me that a majority of our modern medicines work against the natural function of our bodies. Antibiotics and pain killers that undermine the immune system, short-circuit the natural healing response and often leave us predisposed to developing the same problem again. Chemotherapy! Can you think of anything worse? Take a body that is struggling to maintain itself and administer highly toxic medicine that has been designed to target ALL cells that reproduce quickly because ‘that’s what cancer cells do’. If we know (and we think this is true) that everyone with cancer has a system that is too acidic, why isn’t modern medicine looking for quick ways to bring about alkalinity? Recently I heard this argument against the use of cannabis oil and vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancer- they don’t work in every case that they have been tried in. Apparently because they don’t always work in every case of, say, colon cancer then that means they are not effective treatments and further investigation is a waste of time. Chemotherapy ‘cures’ cancer in 3% of people treated. 3%!! That’s the best current medicine can do? Screw that. Should I ever need to, I’ll take my chances with CBD oil and B17 any day. Psychiatric medicine seems determined to have everyone diagnosed with something before too long. As a child in the 70s’ I was a daydreamer, a daydreamer today has Attention Deficit Disorder. There were always kids that larked about in class, now they are Hyperactive, often with ADD too. When did childhood become a mental health problem? The treatment for these ‘conditions’? Stimulants such as Ritalin (amphetamine, speed, whatever you want to call it) with its side effects of anxiety, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, palpitations, seizures, blurred vision, visual hallucinations, depression,… the list goes on. OR we could treat with Omega 3, the fat the brain is made from, and dietary modification. How many times have you seen people walking out of a pharmacy with a bag full of pills? It’s invariably due to a kind of domino effect of tablets. They’ve been prescribed something for condition X, but the pills set off high blood pressure so the doctor prescribed something for that, but those pills caused water retention so another drug is added, but those pills caused migraines so add another drug, those pills caused vertigo so add something else. It’s mind bending! Tell you what let’s skip the list, modern medicine can cure one thing. Infections. That’s it. Everything else is managed, not cured. Of course the over prescription of antibiotics means they are no longer as effective because the bugs are becoming resistant. Talk about scoring an own goal. If it weren’t such a precarious situation it would be laughable.

I fully understand why some people believe Big Pharma just wants to keep everyone sick, but you know what, there are so many people out there that take no responsibility for their own health, they just give themselves over to the doctor and say ‘do it for me because I don’t want to change my damaging behaviours’. Is that really the fault of Big Pharma? That they are taking advantage of these people is (it really is) just business. Do you honestly think Mercola, Dr. Blaylock, the directors of Holland and Barrett, the people at Natural News, give a flying fuck whether you or I live well or not? No, they don’t. They don’t know you, they don’t know me, they are business people with products to sell and they want us to buy them. If you look at the people who created the medicine to treat high blood pressure, do you think they were doing it to harm or help? What about the well-known health food shop that was selling cod liver oil knowing it was heavily contaminated with mercury? So as much as Big Pharma are taking advantage of the irresponsible, makers of natural remedies are taking advantage of the responsible. Time to remove the rose-coloured glasses, on both sides the bottom line is profit! Now then, vaccine developers- help or harm? Remember the developers are not Big Pharma, most of them don’t even work for Big Pharma.

While I said that modern medicine can only cure infections that doesn’t mean I think that’s all it’s good for. I have a friend who nearly died of a brain haemorrhage, his life was saved by surgery and CT scans. Too many times I’ve heard people say ‘we don’t need doctors, we can treat everything naturally’. Yeah well good luck finding a complementary therapist who can treat acute appendicitis in time, or an open fracture, or acute allergic reactions, or severe dehydration, or will go out at 2am to treat someone having a heart attack, or…. you get the picture. There is room, and need, for all. I mean, it’s not like people didn’t die of these things before modern medicine. Fewer people die from these things now because of modern medicine. It’s the same with all the different medications available, some people benefit from them so how dare anyone suggest that they should be taken away.

Ok, we’ve come a long way from talking about vaccines but do you see now that there are so many factors leading to poor health? If people want to be healthy they first have to take responsibility and it would appear that quite a number have no intention of doing so. If a child is born into a family where the typical daily diet is fast food or something heated in a microwave washed down with something fizzy or alcoholic, no amount of breastfeeding is going to protect that baby. Same goes for someone with a good diet but with an insistence of keeping everything as clean and germ free as possible, that baby’s immune system is still going to be run down. Go back and look at those household cleaners I listed earlier. What do you think is going to have more of a detrimental effect on your child’s health, exposure to vaccines every few months or exposure to those cleaners and air fresheners every fucking day? Even the environmentally friendly ones should carry health warnings! Our immune systems are being undermined daily by chemically tainted food, pollution and household products, does it really make sense to withhold vaccinations?

If anti-vaxxers want to be taken seriously they need to adjust their focus. I mean, who the hell is going to listen to someone banging on that ‘the governments of the world are actively trying to kill us all off’? If, IF, the global depopulation theory is right, don’t you think they, whoever they are, have the ‘kill off the population’ virus safely stashed somewhere? There’s nothing to be gained going down that road, but if you want to make a difference how about printing this off and giving it to your family doctor, health visitor, local MP, childcare centres, local pediatric dept, heck send it to the Department of Health! There is almost zero scientific evidence that vaccines don’t work and plenty that says they do. Even the above paper doesn’t deny the efficacy of vaccines, it just questions how many should be given at any one time- and that from someone who had been connected to an anti-vax group! In the meantime, here in the UK vaccines are not compulsory so ask your doctor what the risks are in your local area. They will recommend full vaccination, of course they will- they don’t want to be held responsible for your child getting ill! Reassure them that you take full responsibility for your child’s health, select the appropriate vaccines and take the best care of your and your children’s immune systems that you can.

Where Are We Now? An Update From MI5


political language


Oh you lot are just so funny! For 6 years now I’ve been playing Conspiratory Twister with you and you’ve managed to learn pretty much fuck all! Hahaha!

I mean, Flat Earth, again! And a load of you fell for it. Slam dunk. Brilliant. Took out a few influencers which was good news for us, some of them were getting too close to finding the Acillies heel of our globalist masters plan. Have you not realised yet that you are involved in a global soap opera? Look at it. Same storylines trotted out again and again. The reality manufacturers found some stories that you lot like and just roll them out periodically, you all know it’s distraction. Hell, you call it distraction- but how many of you are looking for what we are distracting you from..? It’s out there if you look.

Keep watching the right hand, we play with the left…

Because you’re all so aware now, so switched on to our devious ways that you’ll never be fooled again will you? Really…?

For example- how many of you have planned a trip to Malta or Portugal to find Atlantis? Or how about how most of you have now changed your minds about the whole ‘alien’ thing and realised it’s us playing tricks on you? And where exactly did you discover these truths? Only on the fucking telly- on Mainstream Media!!!! In Search Of Aliens and X Files! See how aware you are? Ha! Gullible fools. Of course leading the way in these revelations are our behind-the-scenes guys. An academic paper here, a revisited theory there just floating around for a while until they are ‘picked up’ by someone. After that our planted researchers suddenly have a hit of inspiration est voila! You’re all trotting off in the wrong direction again. Oh no, you guys don’t trust mainstream anything- yet amazingly loads of you are singing from our songsheet about Donald Trump, and most of you are flailing somewhere in the middle about the EU especially now it seems the Queen is for Brexit- where does that leave you with your anti-establishment stance? Independent thinkers indeed. Know what I see? Masses of black sheeple being willingly led to an alternative altar. All Hail the Truth! If only you knew how to find it. We started the whole ‘psychopath’ thing, how many of you have invested any meaningful amount of time investigating that term? I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you started using it against each other in disagreements! You can’t call someone a psychopath just because they get angry ffs! Psychopaths, in the main, are narcissists, they love attention and glory, they need people to honour, worship and, importantly, agree with them. To suggest they are all paedophiles involved in ritualistic murders is to show your ignorance – and soon will come the day that you will be laughed at. Educate yourself or what’s the point? The greatest information tool ever is at your fingertips- use it!!

Now, we have our agents everywhere, seriously, everyfuckingwhere. You want to know what makes it so hilarious? We’ve told you how to spot them! We had to, it’s called informed consent. You chose to listen to one of ours, they had to declare themselves, it’s that simple. So they tell you how to spot an agent and you all start looking at each other!!! It’s hysterical! Got to love our Oxford and Cambridge gremlins they are doing a great job. Don’t bother looking, if you haven’t spotted them yet you’re not going to. It’s so easy to take a position with you lot- focus on one thing, focus on many, doesn’t matter as long as they say the right words which, obviously, are the words YOU agree with. Have any of you even wondered how the Truth Movement got started? A few people out there started looking, started seeing what we have been up to. That was ok, but then they got talking to others about it. When we realised what was happening we got our psychics into action. We had been expecting it. There is little you can do that we’re not prepared for. All those rumours about us investigating psychic powers- all true. Same goes for mind control techniques. Poor Icke, all this time and he still doesn’t realise we’re playing him – but look at all his supporters, eating up the whole ‘reptile’ thing! Jones loves working for us, he’ll spread our bs all day long for his adoring fans. You’re not surprised it’s an international network are you?

But time is short and we have to give you another chance to find your way, in line with Natural Law, so let me break it down for you nice and simple. There are real researchers who blaze their own path, there are ‘researchers’ who piggyback on other peoples work and declare themselves experts, and there are commentators who read others peoples work and talk about it. It is the real researchers that I will be talking about now. Whether they are looking at modern geo-politics, exploring ancient history or revealing the occulted, either singularly or in combination, they know what the problem is. It is the issue that has followed mankind from primordial times. Whether they know what to do about the problem depends on how well they have studied the occult. The globalist masters are occultists- they hide things from you- things that only other occultists can see. Makes sense, yes? So the non-occult will say ‘X is the issue but there is no way around it so let’s do Y and hope it sorts itself out’. Occult researchers will say ‘X is the issue, there is something we can do but we need the right numbers at the right time’. It’s not very often there are only 2 options, but this is a ‘fork in the road’ time and you WILL have to choose. It is time to drop those rose coloured glasses once and for all. No-one is coming to rescue you. There will be no Saviour or alien leaders to usher in a bright new dawn (unless we set one up of course). This is between the Many of You and the Fuckwits of Few who are currently in power. Whether you believe in the occult or not doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, the Fuckwits in power do, and strangely enough it’s been working for them for a very, very long time.

There is one global issue that can be tackled at a national level to ensure your freedom. It has been the central theme of the ruling elites occult agenda for milennia. How many of you can figure out what it is?


What Colour is the Sun?

Or, when trying to impress with science makes you a complete dick!


 Let’s get one thing straight from the start shall we. I know we cannot look directly at the sun because it could burn the retinas. We learnt that in primary school ffs! We also all had that one in class who at the first chance would run outside, look in the sky and shout that they had looked at the sun and were blind. So no, I do not need to hear that again.

I also know that we can still look in the sky and see the sun without looking directly at it! Good luck looking directly at it anyway, you’ll be 8 minutes too late. The sky is big, the sun is comparatively small. If you cannot look at the area of the sky that the sun is in, for whatever reason, I suggest you visit an optician, or perhaps a psychiatrist in some cases, but for crying out loud stop banging out this lame arsed line. It’s boring.

Let’s talk about refraction. That wonderful trick that splits white light into a rainbow when shone through a prism. It’s the thing that makes the sky blue and gives us beautiful sunsets. Amazingly enough the same ‘you can’t look at the sun’ espousers are happy enough to tell you that yes they’ve seen an orange or red sun in the evening, “that’s refraction”, but when you point out that the yellow appearance of the sun is equally due to refraction they just trot out the ‘you can’t look…’ blah-de-blah-de-blah bollox again. And so the circle is complete and before long the idea of banging your head against a wall becomes appealing.

So yes, when viewed from outside our atmosphere, the sun is white. When the sun is low in the sky it can appear to be orange or red due to the lightwaves coming through said atmosphere, but most of the day refraction should result in the sun appearing to be yellow. This appearance of yellowness should be heightened in areas of high pollution. So, science buffs, my question remains the same….

IF nothing has changed in our atmosphere, IF HAARP have only been doing atmospheric experiments designed to ‘help’ us and IF there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH to any of the, surprisingly varied, theories of chemtrails, then why the fuck in the middle of London, at any time during the day, is the sun WHITE?!

Answers on the back of a used fiver please


Rants and Rambles pt2

More BS

Are women being controlled by male DNA?

Have you heard that male DNA has been found in women’s brains? Yep, straight up. All women that have been pregnant with boys have male DNA in their brains. Yay! Another one for the No Shit Sherlock file! Guess what, the expectant mother and fetus/ baby SHARE BLOOD. You know, it goes through those things called ‘placenta’ and ‘umbilical cord’. What did you think happens? It’s all Mum’s blood until baby is born and then Hey Presto, baby’s blood magically changes?!! Jeez, so much for critical thinking. Guess what else, that male DNA in the brain is found ALL OVER the mothers’ body! You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that female DNA will be found in every mans’ body, but looking at that will spoil the effect so we’ll just ignore it, k?  No it’s not ok! This is part of an ongoing campaign against the power and independence of women. Started by religion, science has now been hijacked to make sure ladies continue to ‘behave’.

This started a while ago with a rumour that women absorb DNA from every man they sleep with. Shock, horror, gasp! Stands back in absolute amazement of just how gullible some people can be. Anyone with an understanding of physiology will know what complete bollox this is. Y’see, individual sperm are just too big to be absorbed, digestive enzymes are needed to break them down into amino acids (proteins) which are small enough. Of course the cells that would accept these aminos are found in the gut, not in the uterus. Hello! Digestive enzymes in the uterus? You think we’d have noticed that by now as women slowly consume themselves from the inside, c’mon, we all know that’s what insecurities are for!!. Yes, fair enough, DNA will be absorbed after a blowjob, same as it is absorbed from everything that anyone eats. Yes, you too absorb DNA from carrots, potatoes, meats, apples, the works. If it grows it contains proteins. Simple. So what’s the big deal about taking in a bit from your fella? There is no big deal, it’s just aminos. It’s certainly NOT going to give him control of you or we’d all be at the mercy of cows and sheep by now! Let’s not forget the psuedo-spiritual angle, ‘when you are engaged in love-making your energies mingle’. Yeah, same as they mingle when you stand within 2 feet of anyone. Think about it, people travel on crowded buses and trains every day. People stand in packed out pubs and clubs every weekend. If there were a problem with mixing your energies in intimate situations all these people would be on psychiatric wards by now, instead and they are doing just fine thank you!

Look, we’ve had 2000 years of being told by the Church that sex is bad and women are worse and the kickback is finally here. Ladies, if you are single and want to have some fun – fucking go for it! Yes be careful, sexually transmitted diseases are real and if you catch one it’s your own damn fault as they are preventable. If he wont wear a condom, give him a miss. Respect yourself first, always. I’m not suggesting you make yourself available to every man around, I’m saying choose carefully from the men making themselves available! We seem to have forgotten the joys of taking a lover, indulging in sensual pleasure with someone you respect and admire, in favour of having fuck buddies! Come on ladies, you are worth more than being someones semen depository!! Whether you are single or in a relationship, learn what it means to be a Siren. Rediscover the lost art of sacred sex. Get yourself to a sex therapist and explore your boundaries. Hold yourself high and enjoy your sex drive, after all, if it wasn’t meant to be fun it wouldn’t feel so good!! That said, there is a particular type that have long-awaited recognition and respect, the females with high sex drives coupled with commitment phobia. These ladies have been performing an incredible service from time immemorial, saving men from being gibbering wrecks with swollen balls. So hats off to the whores and sluts! And thank you for keeping the streets clear of sex starved men drooling over anything with a pulse!

How to Control a Population Without Religion

Welcome to the rise of the New Puritans! No religious connotations here, no way. Religion is out, being as it’s such a control mechanism. Often found as extremely stressed out parents trying to do their best, “oh no, Johnny can’t have juice, all those E numbers, smoothies only”, “Sally is on an organic vegetarian diet – is that humus organic?”, “wheat? don’t you know how bad that is?”, “to vaccinate or not? I’m so confused”, “sweets! chocolate! haven’t you heard of diabetes?!!” these New Puritans are found in many guises. Some will be found standing smugly in the supermarket queue, casting pitiful glances at anyone who dares to have a ready meal or a packet of biscuits, while they look admiringly at their own basket full of ‘healthful’ foods. There are those who wont even go in a supermarket – if they don’t grow it themselves they’ll get it from a farmers market, or starve apparently. And it’s not just food. There are New Puritans that would never buy clothes from Primark, Gap, Next, and the like, ‘it’s an ethical decision you know’ they’ll sneer before banging on about safety risks and factory workers in developing countries. Some have elevated their consciousness to such a degree that they have surpassed their egos, of which they will  remind you at every available opportunity. Holy fuck, how much pride is wrapped up in that? ‘Ah yes, there were 5 times today when I didn’t engage with my ego, I believe that allows me to polish my ‘I’m so good’ badge again’. Then there are those planting trees to offset their carbon footprints (all photos uploaded onto social media), others will loudly, proudly and frequently declare they buy all their stuff second-hand thereby proving they are not materialistic consumers. Oh yes, the New Puritans are the living icons of the modern age, so you just sit back and listen while they tell you how wrong your life is. Listen to them though and you’ll hear it. Guilt. If it’s not guilt for what they have done, it’s for what might be. Free floating guilt, where did we see that before?

Thankfully you don’t often meet someone practicing all of the above, but you catch the drift. Religion is no longer needed if you can have everyone caught in a quandary of doing the ‘right’ thing. Yes having green credentials is cool, but while big business and agriculture are ploughing through natural resources unrestrained and at an unbelievable rate, all your good work is making little difference. The environment is being trashed, we are told, because of our ‘demands’. However, if we weren’t offered goods that depend on the destruction of the Rainforest for their production, there wouldn’t be a demand for them. It’s a Catch 22 fuelled by advertising and blamed on us because we don’t know. Childhood is meant to be a time of being carefree, of being open to everything, but in trying to do the right thing we as parents are taking the joy out of this most wonderful season. We grew up on wheat, sweets, fizzy drinks, mudpies, vaccines (though admittedly not as many) and constant grazes on elbows and knees and we are OK! Your children have a whole lifetime to get screwed up in, don’t start them on the road so early! If you can afford ethical fashion then good for you, but not everyone can. As long as there are fashion victims on limited budgets there will be jobs for people who need to put food on the table. Yes it is modern slavery, yes they are paid a pittance, but in a country with no welfare state it is the lesser of two evils. It is pointless blaming the consumer when the conditions are set by those making the most money. The New Puritans are sucking the fun out of everything! We are supposed to be humans being, so please, let’s just be as best we can. Remember it is your life, your body, to do with as you please, but you only get the one so look after it. You can do all the yoga, drink all the water and eat all the organic food you want, you’re still gonna die one day. So have fun! You get one life*, enjoy it!!! Don’t let someone else dictate how you should live.

* if you believe in reincarnation, this is the only life you will live as the person you are today. Next life will be a new you. There is, as far as I know, no proof that being ‘monastic’ and ‘pure’ gets you off the reincarnation wheel any quicker.

The Earth is flat!


Nuff said.

BitCoin is the way!

No it’s not. Sorry AnCaps and other friends of crypto currencies, but these are flawed at a very basic level. Yes I know they are marvels of the techno age. Yes data mining is cool, and they can be divided into millions and billions of pieces so everyone can have a bit. It’s fully traceable so it’s transparent (yeah, right). They may well be deflationary, but you don’t want constant deflation any more than you want constant inflation. But the list of positives does go on, way more than I’ve just mentioned, and there are flaws. Big ones.

The classic line is ‘crypto currencies cannot be controlled’. Really? How do you get a BitCoin? You buy it. So you exchange your cash for a bit of a Bit, buy something with it, and the person you pay exchanges your bit of a Bit for cash. Wow, that’s sticking to the Bankers! Who can buy the biggest number of them? Well, that’ll be the super rich. Instantly your BitCoin is being controlled by the very same people who are controlling your non crypto money. They will hoard them to ‘curb’ the market, and release them again as and when they feel like it. You think Banks don’t get involved in crypto currency? Ahhhh, how sweet. A little naive, but sweet. Remember Mt Gox? £70 million worth of BitCoins gone. Hackers of course. Who is the Chief Exec of Bitcoin start-up Digital Asset Holdings? Step forward please Blythe Masters, former head of JP Morgans commodities dept. Another Bitcoin start-up, Circle Internet Financial Ltd, is being funded by Goldman Sachs. Oh you rebel you!!

‘Gox was just part of a long line of questionable events in Bitcoin’s history, but it still proved that Bitcoin is not out of the reach of either hucksters, government, or big banks. The bigger picture is that Bitcoin actually plays right into the hands of the banksters, who have been pushing towards a cashless and fully digitized society anyway.  I would not be surprised if Bitcoin was a creation of the NSA all along, designed to condition people into supporting the shift away from cash, or to fool gung-ho libertarians into promoting a currency mechanism that actually works against their interests.  What better way to defeat a rebellion than to trick that rebellion into working against itself?’

I lifted that from a comments section, and yes there were plenty there defending cryptos, but it sums up my gut feeling about them. If cryptocurrency was a threat to The Big Boys it would’ve been shut down from the start. Are you getting it yet? It’s an international currency. A global currency. Do you honestly believe they would allow any currency they can’t control to flourish?

The Blame Game

‘It’s our own fault we’re in this mess’

I’ve heard this a number of times over the years and you know what? Fuck right off. No, it’s not my fault that we’re in the EU. I didn’t even get a say about joining the EEC being as I was about 5 years old at the time. I didn’t get to vote about Thatchers’ plans which devastated the country’s industry, no-one did. No-one has ever asked me whether I agree to cutting swathes through the Rainforest or relocating indigenous tribes. No manager has ever asked my opinion about their business model. I can only be held responsible for my own actions and decisions, and even then it can only be based on what I know at the time. Being as around 95% of the population are on auto-pilot, relying on media to tell them what they need to make them happy, they cannot be held responsible for the crap going on. Adverts are deliberately seductive, we know that. ‘Here, buy this car to feel free’, ‘This skin cream will make you look younger (according to some pseudoscience bullshit we’ve just made up)’, ‘Happy children all have this particular toy/ dress/ food/ computer’. If the life one is living is about managing an ever decreasing budget while trying to keep up with the Joneses, if that is the life of those around you, and if the release is comparing that life to another’s on a soap opera – then are they really responsible, or just hopelessly gullible and lost?

Politicians harp on about wanting to get people engaged and interested, and then deliberately use complex language to ensure folk switch off. The news readers seem specially selected, bright enough to be able the read the bullshit, daft enough to believe it – or maybe they are just highly underrated actors. The ever-growing numbers of people with eating disorders, both anorexia and bulimia, with an increasing number of males being diagnosed demonstrates explicitly the power of advertising. The pressure on the young to have a photo shopped body or face public ridicule is tremendous. I’m in my 40’s and there is a particular Dame on an advert telling me how a skin cream will make me ‘feel’ young! How will a face cream make me feel young?!! Just to rub salt in the wound she’s eyeing up a much younger man AND she has fewer wrinkles than me!!! Or does she? There’s nothing on the ad to say how much make up and photoshop has been used.

Everything is arse upwards! We are being fed a constant stream of lies dressed up as science, truths or dreams and now you want to blame everyone for the mess we are in? You, the same ones who say it’s all down to the psychopaths that are in control! Make up your fucking minds will you?! Oh, don’t tell me – it’s cos it’s all an illusion being made real by our collective thoughts. Bollox, bollox, bollox! The only ones responsible for that are the ones that know! Our thoughts become real when we make them real. When we feed and nurture them. And most are only feeding and nurturing thoughts of their own lives, not for the whole of humanity! Most would like world peace, but that ain’t happened yet, so it’s NOT blind, wishful thinking thoughts making a difference is it?!

Stop blaming! Stop blaming the Jews. Stop blaming the Muslims. Stop blaming the consumers. Stop blaming the unaware. Stop blaming the unemployed. Stop blaming the tv (it’s not the set, it’s what is shown on it!). Stop blaming HAARP. Stop blaming the system. Stop blaming the banks. Stop blaming the workers. Stop blaming the lack of unions. Stop blaming the wars. Stop blaming the cannon fodder. Stop blaming globalisation. Stop blaming the courts. Stop blaming education. Stop blaming privatisation. Look at who profits from it all. Blame them!

Armageddon Conspiracy



 A few times I have shared a paragraph or a page from the website

This has led to some interesting conversations. Some are righteously offended by the interpretation of Abrahamic religions, and frequently tell me that their particular flavour has been misrepresented. Others are stunned by the vicious attack on Anonymous. A few are surprised by the colourful language used and say because of that they cannot take it seriously – this coming from a Brandite! How hypocritical can some people be?!! And, of course, the conspiracy theorists are saddened that their theories are not taken seriously. All that aside, the questions I’m most often asked are, ‘is it really written by the Illuminati?’ and ‘is it all true?’. The answer to both is, how the fuck am I meant to know?!! What I do know is it has been written by some incredibly knowledgable people, weaving as it does between philosophy, science, art, mathematics, literature, psychology and everything in between. If it is a wind-up then it is the most thoroughly researched, painstakingly written and, for some, the most psychologically challenging wind-up in history! As to whether it’s all true, well that’s for you to figure out. You have access to the internet, use it. The difference between a question and an answer is looking, researching. If you blindly accept whatever you are told you deserve to be misled, a lesson we all learn eventually. Personally I think this website is a good place to start. It is huge. Be prepared to lose many hours to it. You may not like all that is said, there may be parts which you find downright disagreeable, but the choice to be ultimately offended or inspired is yours.

Actually I’m surprised the Anarchists aren’t all over it, well, the ones that haven’t got super fragile egos at least. Surely they’d be the first to see that Meritocracy is the stepping stone needed to get us to Anarchy. If you believe that the masses are awakening then you need to watch (yes, tv) something like Gogglebox or Big Brother. Go to a friends’ house and plug-in for an hour, but prepare to be disappointed. If everyone you know agrees with your line of thinking then you have lost touch with the general public, or you have surrounded yourself with ‘yes’ people. Both are roads to nowhere. Can you think of a better way of getting people engaged than telling them they can’t vote on something until they show a thorough understanding of it?!! The challenge is there and, with free education for all, there is no excuse for not rising to it. Want to have a say about the economy? Trade? Transport? The NHS? Education? Energy, free or otherwise? Show that you understand all aspects of it first. A couple of generations growing up with that and we’ll have the most switched on population ever! And no more elites controlling everything from the shadows. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Isn’t that what this Movement is about?

The Coming Economic Crash

Oh gawd, this is a real hot potato issue. Rumours and magazine articles abound of the upcoming ‘crash that will bring down all global economies’, said to be due in September 2015. There was one article stating a meeting in London at the end of May was to discuss bringing in a global currency after this. But, as we all know, disaster stories sell and finance magazines are as likely as any other to use dramatic headlines to increase sales. What do we know about this supposed meeting in London? Naff all. Maybe there was a discussion about what to do in case of systemic economic failure, but was it the first meeting about this? The last? Perhaps it was one in a series of meetings scheduled for the next 5 years. The only ones who know were in the meeting, and they’re not talking. Crashes happen, we know that. FInancial analysts say that crashes happen regularly, every 5-7 years, meaning we’re overdue one (the last crash was 2007, the recession began in 2008). Or does it mean cyclical crashes are a fallacy? Maybe, as some would say, crashes happen when they are engineered to. Economists, analysts and commentators all agree that the current financial system is unsustainable. It’s a fucked up system where banks give loans by ‘creating deposits’, taking no risk with their own money, so repayments are 100% profit and interest payments are a bonus. This practice of fractional reserve lending has resulted in the mind-boggling situation whereby if we take all the cash available in the country and give it to the banks it wouldn’t go anywhere near covering what is owed in mortgages, loans, credit cards and so on. 97% of the money held in accounts is fictitious. It has no representation in the paper and coin we know as money. Now know, if we took all the cash in circulation, added it to all the cash held by banks and gave the whole lot to the Bank of England it wouldn’t pay off the country’s debt to them and you begin to see the size of the hole we are in. How the fuck did this happen? Why was it allowed to happen? Deregulation played the biggest part, and there are folk out there crying for further deregulation! No doubt these same folk would also say the best way to get out of a hole is to keep digging.

In the House of Commons debate about Money Creation and Society, Steve Baker (Conservative MP for Wycombe) had this to say

‘….the present trajectory of reform should be continued with. After 15 years of studying these matters, and now having made it to the Treasury Committee, I am ever more convinced that there is no way to change the present monetary order until the ideas behind it have been tested to destruction—and I do mean tested to destruction. This is an extremely serious issue. It will not change until it becomes apparent that the ideas behind the system are untenable.’

Tested to destruction? Are they the words we want to be hearing about the financial system? If it’s not already apparent to those in the Houses that the ideas behind the system are untenable, then we need new people in the Houses. Where does this leave us with regard to this catastrophic crash that’s meant to be coming? Well we’re no wiser about when, but I think we can safely say it will happen one day. A friend said the global crash is the economic equivalent of the alien invasion story, and I get that. I know we’ve had repeated warnings about it for the last 10 years and, like the boy who called wolf, it starts to lose its shock value but being complacent while balanced on a knife-edge probably isn’t the wisest way to go.

Alien Invasion Imminent!!

 Oh yes, it’s that time again. The aliens are coming but this time it’s a mock invasion staged by The Powers That Be to usher in the New World Order and all that that entails. I know Lightworkers who are receiving channelled messages about when ‘first contact’ will be. I know people that have been abducted and probed and what-have-you, who insist on calling them ‘our space Brothers’ – seriously? If I kidnap you, subject you to operations without anasthetic and then kinda/almost wipe your memory of it, will you consider me a friend? I read all about the Bases in America. The battles, Nightmare Hall, the contracts with World Leaders, the goodies, the baddies, the 53 different types of alien living here (mostly underground), oh the wealth of information doesn’t end. But not one, not ONE has ever shown themselves. We’ve had stories and films about them since when, the 1930’s? 40’s? And still no show?

If, IF, the aliens are coming from a planet far, far away, they are not going to let our World Leaders bring in the NWO. If they are greedy buggers they’ll take what they want and won’t give 2 hoots about us or the psychos. If they are friendly they might help us usurp the psychos, or, they may just visit a while, wonder why so many are enslaved to so few, wish us all the best and leave rather confused.

 In the meantime, while you are wondering what will happen when, the psychos in charge are laughing their arses off at how easily distracted you are….