Simple Ways To Support Your Immune System

Stop watching the News! Stress runs your immune system down quicker than any virus and the media is on full blown overdrive.

Get a bottle of Echinacea. I prefer Vogel’s Echinaforce tincture but anything will do. It IS safe to take echinacea long term, so take it twice a day. Three times a day if you get ill with any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.

Vitamins. No need to get super expensive, high dose ones – you’ll just end up with very expensive pee. A basic multi-vitamin and mineral complex will give all you need.

Low dose vitamin C. 200mgs taken 5 times a day is far more effective than 1 gram taken once a day.

Take some time in your day to do something you enjoy. Paint, dance, sing, pot some plants, dig around in the garden, take a walk, meditate, anything. Just make sure it’s for the joy of doing it.

Help a neighbour. There will undoubtedly be someone nearby that is either vulnerable or scared and a friendly face could make their day. For you the bonus is the feelgood factor from helping, whether it’s going to the shop for them or just giving them some time. Both of you will have a little immune system lift.

Don’t go mad with the shopping, but get a little more than you need. The warnings have been given for years, so more fool you if you haven’t yet got a little stash to tide you over but buying it ALL now is pointless. In the meantime people are going crazy for tinned and dried foods so why not give your diet a boost by getting the fresh stuff. Prepare and freeze vegetables, if you’re feeling adventurous try drying your own fruit. Again the feelgood factor for taking control will give you a lift. 

Remember virologists and other biological scientists are saying that most people will only experience a mild infection. Yes some people will be badly affected and that is sad, but also, that is life. These same people would be badly affected by normal seasonal flu. No one person can save the world so don’t carry the worlds weight on your shoulders. Keep calm and do what you can. It will pass soon enough.

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