Did You Miss It?


Currently watching Politics Live, PMQs, and what a shit show!! The, now extensively debunked, Gender Pay Gap? Rape victims have a workaround for the 2 child cap that is somehow discriminatory because they have to prove rape? What is the rate of sickness benefit in another country? Hate speech? Amusing deflections which make the rest of it bearable. More tests for a struggling NHS to carry out. The SNP still blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings. Surely there are a few MPs that see what bollocks this all is. Why are they not standing up and shutting these ‘talking points’ down with either clear facts or internally consistent reason? Isn’t that what MPs are paid for; seeing through the facade of media hype, using reason to work through emotion laden problems, to deal with the REAL problems facing the country rather than what the screechers on Twatter are enraged about on any given day? Oh, and there’ll be new houses for immigrants – everyone else can go swing. That’s not going to increase tensions anywhere is it? As for JC being concerned that carers visiting people at home are possible spreaders of illness (esp COVID 19), wtf does he thinks happens in care homes?!! The risk is actually lower with home visits.

But I digress

Kung Flu is sweeping the world, kinda, sorta, not really leaving devastation in its’ wake. Trade is taking a hit because China is temporarily screwed, highlighting just how reliant on them many countries have become. Perhaps the time has come to produce the basics in our own countries again. Sunak has just announced the Budget and one has to wonder just how conservative the Conservatives are, but that is for another time. For now let’s have a quick look at the Kung Flu hysteria and perhaps take a different perspective

Global Markets have taken a hit! Global Finance is in trouble! Global whateveritis is suffering!


There are no Global Markets. There is no Global Finance.

I was surprised during the whole ‘if we Leave the EU business will fall off a cliff’ scaremongering that I had to point out to a businessman that countries don’t trade with each other, businesses do. That many UK businesses had already arranged contracts with their European partners so for them the future held no fear. This is true globally too. There are no global markets, there are businesses that trade with other businesses in different countries. To say it’s global is to say there is only ONE business controlling ALL of it. There is no global wealth. There is no National Wealth. There is the wealth of individuals added together that might approximate national wealth, but this wealth doesn’t belong to the Nation – it belongs to the individuals. Adding up all the wealth held by all the individuals in the world does not make it Global Wealth, and unless I missed some huge change in banking, there is a lot more than ONE bank handling international finance – so there is no global finance. 

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can be it was planned that way” FDR.

Now I’m going to assume you’re not so naive as to believe politicians hold all the power being as they are obviously beholden to whoever gives them the greatest amount of money. That means they are firstly the whipping boys of the Bankers and secondly the bitches of Big Business. Sadly, dear reader, tax payers barely appear on their radars. So while I left Conspiracy Theory world over 4 years ago it must be said that you never quite get out, mainly because some of it is actually true. On that note let’s take a step back and see what’s been going on…

Brexit was a kick up the backside of the powers that shouldn’t be who were unprepared for the result. That’s why it was delayed for so long, so behind the scenes they could reorganise and (probably) set up a new plan. Trump being elected was also a shock to the system but there are enough people around him to ensure he can’t shake up the plans too much. This is pretty much confirmed by his ‘opposition’ in this years US elections. Personally I’m waiting to see if Michelle Obama stands – if she does the US Deep State is in panic mode and Trump is making waves in all the right places. We’ll see. These two bucks to the system has set off tremors across the political system with the rise of Nationalist (thankfully not supremacist) Partys throughout Europe. There is only so much White Guilt people can carry, especially when no-one alive today took part in the miseries and abominations of hundreds of years ago, and while a few are actually racist, most are just sick to death of being blamed for all the ills in the world. 

In Dec 2019 Kung Flu broke out in China, markets held. In Jan 2020 the UK officially left the EU, markets lift. In Feb 2020 Trump is acquitted after a ludicrous impeachment, markets lift. March 2020 Kung Flu is causing panic everywhere providing a great cover for Saudi Arabia increasing oil output while decreasing the price (supposedly to kick Russia who had refused to lower their own output), markets crash. What hits the headlines? Kung Flu has crashed the markets! What are politicians talking about? How to support/ compensate businesses hit by Kung Flu. Who will be the hardest hit? Big Business and Bankers, of course we aren’t hearing about how they will be compensated though you can guarantee they will be. Most definitely you won’t hear how their losses are offset by the savings on oil because looking at the whole picture is strictly forbidden nowadays no matter what the issue is.

In 2008 the Bankers were bailed. In 2020 we’ll be bailing multi-nationals, who work hand in glove with the Bankers. The term is ‘wealth extraction’ and it always follows a crisis. 

There are no Global Markets. There is no Global Finance. If a multi-national business or bank might fail if it doesn’t get a shed load of money, let it.


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