Finally, Things Are Moving Again



Holy crap the last 3 1/2 years have been boring! How have people have stuck it out on social media arguing the same talking points for so long? I dipped back in to the time sucking hole known as Facebook around the election and there they were, the same words, attitudes, clickbait headlines, everything, just as it all was in 2016. Now we all like our echo chambers and most of the time they are healthy as they foster a sense of kinship and community. What I find unhealthy is when the echo chamber insists you must agree with ALL of it’s tenets or be cast out as a heretic!!

From this, being a supporter of the Labour Party meant you had to agree with Momentum’s ridiculous ideology (which is pretty much diametrically opposed to supposed traditional Labour values), choosing a vegan diet for the health benefits means you have to believe you’re crusading against climate change, being pro-science means you have to agree with whatever is trolled out by ‘experts’ even when the contradictory science is sound, has more research, & doesn’t manipulate data or make up bizarre theories to sustain itself. I could add more but you get the picture, feel free to add your own. Of course anyone disagreeing with any of these ‘unassailable’, ‘moral’, ‘unquestionable’, ‘truths’ was called every ‘ist’, ‘phobic’ and ‘denier’ under the sun, often quite unjustly.

Some of the chats I’ve had have been most informative of attitudes and most often it’s the ones with complete strangers that are the most revealing. I live in an area split between middle class Socialists and low waged/ unemployed Labour supporters. The Socialists opine that they want a ‘fairer’ Britain, the low wagers want someone to fight their corner. These champagne Socialists should reclaim the name Fabians, because that’s what they are. They despise the working class at heart, believing they are unintelligent grunts (which, by the way, shows how little they understand intelligence) who need to be guided as they are too stupid to understand what is good for them. Accepting that such grunts will always be needed for jobs that require actual physical labour (perish the thought that they might get callouses on their own hands!) they believe there are far too many of them and perhaps some kind of intervention (such as sterilisation) would be a good idea. Of course this treatment should only be meted out to native Brits, all others are protected by virtue of, well, not being a native Brit. So you see, by reducing the number of grunts leeching off the system, life will be fairer for everyone else! However it doesn’t end there. Oh no. There’s the other end of the scale too, the super rich. They absolutely must go! It doesn’t matter that Once Upon A Time they held Richard Branson, Steve Jobs (deceased, unforgiven), Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, James Dyson, et al, in high esteem for their rags to riches stories, now that they are part of the mega rich club they are viewed as intrinsically evil and completely untrustworthy. Bill Gates is doing his best to redeem himself by giving his money away, though until he is penniless he is unlikely to be forgiven. You see, the Fabians don’t mind people being moderately wealthy like they are but they simply cannot bear people having more than them! Tell them that the men laying the tracks for HS2 are earning at least £40k per year and the looks on their faces are priceless!! A mixture of disdain for someone doing such a filthy job, horror that such lowly labourers could be given (given!!!) so much money… and envy. Oh the envy. Therein lies the heart of the Fabians, greed, envy, pride and anger. The moral high horse that they sit on gives them a sense of pride, the anger comes from not being able to get their own way with society at large.

A little nugget of info I dropped in a few places was “the top 5% of earners pay 50% of the UK collected income tax, with the top 1% paying 12% of the total collected”. This was invariably replied to with “what’s wrong with that?”, “what’s your point?”, “they should!”, “they should pay more, they can afford it!”, etc, etc. I had 2 go-to follow up questions – should GPs pay more tax? Apparently not. The thing is the top 5% are people that earn £80k+ a year and most London GPs earn around £90k. Now this caused some discomfort because people had to get their heads around the idea that some working for the NHS might be in it just for the money, but at least that question elicited a response. There was nothing other than silence to the 2nd question – how much of someone else’s money is it ‘fair’ to take?

This morning Owen Jones was talking about increasing Corporation Tax to fund tuition fees allowing students to study for free. Currently the cost for such free education would be £8 billion a year. Now we all know he rails about how the multi-nationals avoid paying tax through loopholes, off shore banking, and generally working the system. No-one can deny that these things happen. I have a friend that is all but apoplectic because Tesco’s have never paid a penny in Corporate Tax, ever! So do tell us, Owen, who exactly would end up funding these extra billions for education? Why of course it would be the small to medium sized businesses again. Who would benefit the most? Probably those big multi-nationals. Ironic huh? The unspoken point here is, if a business is hit with an extra charge where do they get the money from? They increase their prices, so it’s not the company paying it but every one of their customers. In other words – You.

A quick look online shows there are over 400 courses for Bachelor degrees available to study in the UK with quite a number having no obvious career path leading from them. How about we start by looking first at exactly which courses we think are important enough to be offered for ‘free’. Go back 40 years and you’ll find 5-10% of the population had a degree. Now it’s 42% (look here). On the surface this could sound like an amazing improvement but, like anything else, it has resulted in a loss of perceived value. How does anyone stand out when almost half the population has a degree? So while everyone is stamping their feet about student debt, the upshot of Blair’s policy to get 50% of students into university means they have to have at least a Masters to get any recognition which involves several years more study and associated debt. Owen was also rather disillusioned by the free market set up that charging tuition fees has allowed. It seems he’s rather disappointed that some universities have dropped unpopular courses. So is that the benefit of ‘free’ education, for universities to keep running courses that no-one, or very few, want to study? Or is the benefit of charging for studies that students get to choose what books they will bury themselves in for 3 years?

Hopefully we’re seeing the beginning of the end of identity politics now that the different groups are erasing their own reasons to exist. For 50+ years homosexuals have been telling us they were ‘born this way’ and suddenly along come the trans activists (not the actual trans people) screeching that gender is a social construct, sexuality is fluid, and there is no such thing as male or female thereby effectively saying homosexuality is a choice! So all the angst and suffering that my gay friends went through in their teenage years wasn’t real huh? Completely unnecessary. All they had to do was choose to be heterosexual. What a joke! A cruel, undermining, negating, joke. Another bizarre twist of thinking is how the same people that condemn FGM will fully support giving children puberty blockers. Children. You know, the ones who are too young to decide for themselves whether to smoke, drink, get married, vote, work, those who don’t understand the complexity of human biology nevermind the long term impact of drug therapy, those who we want to protect from Big Pharma dosing them with neuro-toxins in the form of anti-depressants, ADHD meds, vaccines, chemicals on their foods, poisons in the air and whatever the hell else people are whining about these days. Yes, those delicate flowers that can’t possibly have Round Up on their potatoes because it might make them ill when they’re middle aged will be absolutely fine taking mega doses of synthetic hormones. The mind boggles! For those who wish to call me out for conflating FGM and trans issues, you’re right, there is no comparison. FGM doesn’t leave the girl sterile. It’s evil for sure, but doesn’t affect the whole body. Perhaps if we start calling puberty blockers *chemical castration* people will start to understand how abusive this practice is. As for racism, sexism, and white privilege – just give it a rest now, please. If the UK is so racist why are people from all over the world coming to live here? If sexism is so widespread why do I see females holding important roles throughout all fields? There is no white privilege, there IS wealth privilege, and that doesn’t care what colour your skin is. Money talks and corruption is the result no matter what colour the skin may be.


If you agree with anything I’ve written here you are a despicable alt-right bigot that should be shunned by all society so your evil thoughts never see the light of day. Apparently that’s Progress *sigh*

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