2016 Rants and Rambles


2016 will be a memorable year for most I believe. Whether for good or bad, well that’s a different story. On a personal note the first 6 months were pretty good, but then there was Brexit. Much to the concern of many people close to me I voted to Leave. For a while I seemed to be a bit of a pariah while the media portrayed all Leave voters as poor, uneducated, racists. There was a most cringeworthy interview arranged between 2 middle-aged housewives from Lancashire and 2 young university students from somewhere down South. I’ll give you 3 guesses how that turned out. This is our supposedly unbiased media at its worst, pointedly ignoring decades of immigrants and refugees being welcomed into, and integrated by, traditionally working class areas. You’ll notice they didn’t have the balls to bring James Dyson and Jacob Rees-Mog MP to debate the  students – now that would’ve made good viewing. Of course dear ol’ Richie Branson was everywhere talking about how, for the sake of the business quarter, we simply must Remain. This ‘icon’ of British Industry, the rags to riches story (the truth of which is nothing like you’ve been told), is one of the many using the EU tax laws to save his company a fucking fortune every year while paying his workers minimum wage. Yeah, what a hero. Oh and lest we forget, the same media also ignored huge swathes of ethnic minorities who also voted Leave because, well y’know, it just wouldn’t be PC to call them racist would it….? What a joke.

However, there was a greater farce playing itself out on social media. For years, and I do mean years, there have been people on social media berating folk for voting. Lines such as ‘voting makes you complicit in your own slavery’, ‘voting makes no difference’, ‘it’s just a game’, ‘your vote doesn’t count for shit’, ‘if voting actually changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it’, and so on….

The day after the Referendum they couldn’t get their tongues up the Leave voters arses quick enough! ‘Oh you great people, thank you!’, ‘I cannot thank you guys enough for getting us out of the EU’, ‘I wish I could buy every Leave voter a pint, you are all heroes’. Fucking hypocrites!!! Let’s have a look at a little infographic shall we….


Almost 28% of the eligible population didn’t vote. Of those it was pretty much a 50-50 split between ‘did not vote’ and ‘not registered to vote’. I would guess the overwhelming reason  would be voter apathy and who could blame them, but what if maybe around 5% of them had been swayed by the constant barrage of doomsayers that had been in full swing for so long. Such as the Anarchists who just want to buck the system, the Legal Name squad, the Russell Brand effect (do you remember him?!), the Freemen clutching their copies of the Magna Carta, and assorted others, all proclaiming that voting achieves less than nothing. These are the very people who should have been at the front of the queue to cast their vote to Leave! No-one can deny the result was close, less than 3%. Those 5%, heck even if it were only 2 or 3%, those additional Leave votes would have made a huge difference. But it gets worse……

Not only was there no eating of humble pie, no admission that their previous cries of ‘voting is a waste of time’ were bollox, no mention that their praise of ‘democracy’ that day (and ever since) was a complete turnabout from their previous view of it, oh no…. Instead they have become self-proclaimed wells of knowledge on all things political! The very people who were shooting their mouths off telling any who would listen that politics is just a sham, a play to convince the masses that they had some power, are now the most politically astute folk on the planet. Don’t get me wrong I’m the first to say we live with a sham of democracy and if anyone hasn’t yet figured out that the people who hold Power are never elected, well we’re just going to have to leave them with their illusions now. The UK vote to Leave the EU sent the greatest shockwave through the global halls of power than any revolution in history. Not that the media will have you believe that, mainstream or alternative, they are all hailing Trump as the great Globalist usurper. He very obviously is but the only reason he won the US elections is because of the Referendum over here. Whether you choose to believe in energy, global consciousness, The Field, or plain and simple revolution, it started in the UK. I’m not taking anything away from the millions that have marched for various reasons over the years, those marches are amazing – but politically it has always been the vote that has counted. Just when The Powers That (shouldn’t) Be thought they had us done down we shafted them. And we were good….

Ahhh Trump. What a guy. Hillary didn’t really stand a chance with all her polish and rhetoric – the same old glib lines and soundbites that the Americans had heard time and time before and knew would lead nowhere. Suddenly there’s this quite extraordinarily orange guy actually talking the way normal people do! Not only that, he’s saying things they can relate to. He even threatened to lock her up! No wonder the Americans love him, what a breath of fresh air. So, we know he can’t do everything he said but if he manages half of it the USA will change dramatically – as will the rest of the world. Fingers crossed he does re-negotiate or tear up the trade deals. TTIP looks like a dead duck now and hopefully he will crush TPP and then get to work on NAFTA. Who cares if the Clintons get locked up, I for one would love to see their faces when their treason is exposed (paedophile charges excluded, hang all found guilty for that). We know he’s been spoken to by the real power brokers over there and no doubt he’s been told exactly how far he can go, remember he is NOT a politician he’s a businessman so we can be pretty sure he’s had a few ‘warnings’ already. Right now it looks like he’s playing their game just enough to keep himself alive. Speaking directly to the public through Twitter and YouTube, how shocking! What an inspired move. Of course mainstream media are trying to hold themselves up as the bastions of truth now. They are suggesting that every word spoken or printed has been thoroughly researched and double checked so there’s no way any misinformation could come through them. Really? You couldn’t make this shit up! That Trump could lie directly to the public without them being in the middle to check and double-check all that he says – this is the defense of the people who brought you: WMDs, Dr David Kelly committed suicide, EU insists on straight bananas, glyphosate is safe for consumption, al-Qaeda, Syria, … In fact don’t take my word for it, watch Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis and see for yourself how ‘honest’ these ‘thorough researchers’ are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fny99f8amM

Here in the UK our ‘buck the system’ guys are Jeremy Corbyn (rampant socialist) and Nigel Farage (rampant capitalist). Both are dead ends politically if you follow the plans through but Corbyn is a thorn in the Globalists side. He has no love for the EU or the (hopefully fading) idea of a One World Government, the ultimate communist wet dream, but sees value in individual nation states trading fairly while The State provides for everyone at home. It’s a start, but actually what we need is something new. This odd dichotomy that we’ve been choosing from for generations no longer gives us the options we need. Centralised Government doesn’t work, we can see that all across the world, but does that mean the only other way is no Government? Talk to an Anarchist of any school and that’s pretty much the choice you’re given. I like the ideals of Anarchy but there is no way society is ready for it yet, there needs to be a bridging plan. Sadly I’ve not yet spoken to anyone that has one. My own ideas would be – devolve power back to the Counties. Let the different Boroughs make their own plans for budgets, etc to meet the needs of local populations, the Borough Councils would then be held directly responsible and individual councillors would be held to account. There would be a limited Government to take care of national and international matters, this would include the economy, infrastructure, education, the NHS, trade, defence, law & justice, and so on – accountable to the general public but no longer poking into our lives. The people in Government would be the best of the best, no more old school tie cronyism, but respected, experienced folk who actually understand the job they have. People should be free to live their lives as they wish, as long as they do not cause harm, injury or loss to anyone else in the process. I don’t believe that each County should become self-sufficient, which is an idea I’ve heard too many times now. Most countries have been set up as companies and as such are organised to maximise profit, this means they are already arranged in the best way possible. How does a major city suddenly find enough land to grow the crops needed? It doesn’t unless you engage in a massive relocation and demolition programme which strikes me as a fabulous waste of time. That each Nation should be self-sufficient is a no brainer, inasmuch as each country should be able to meet the basic needs of the people and international trade can take care of the rest, but I think that may take a while. Rampant capitalism destroys the environment and doesn’t care about people, rampant socialism becomes communism and that leads to stagnation. Quite simply the quickest way to stop innovation today is to take away reward. Capitalism in and of itself is not the big evil, it’s when it is unregulated and driven by profit that it becomes a problem, however innovation demands it so a solution must be found. But these are my ideas and opinions and I don’t ask you to agree, but I will ask you to think about alternative politics because we need new ideas and we need them now!

By now you’ve probably realised why the main pic for this blog says ‘In loving memory of when I gave a shit’. Most of us now have chosen a position of either political Left or Right and I have just managed to insult both – yay me! I’m tired of having to be careful of what I say and how I say it just in case it offends someone. I’m so done with political correctness, which when you think about it is mind control par excellence. No need for the Thought Police when we monitor ourselves so well. That doesn’t mean I see no value in the positive side of PC, but it has gone too far when you can’t criticise anyone or anything without being labelled   So in for a penny in for a pound, cos why the hell not, I’m now going to disgust every Liberal Left friend I have….


Yeah go on say it. I’m racist, intolerant, fear mongering, etc. Oh but you can’t because I didn’t say anything –  all I did was present 3 videos which show what Islam is about. I have friends and neighbours of different ethnicities and religions, and the one thing Muslims don’t want…. Sharia Law. The people who have lived and raised their children here see how barbaric and unjust it is and they certainly don’t want it for their daughters! However one thing they will say, if the Muslim population of the community grew to 70% and Sharia was called in – they would have to agree or be called a ‘bad’ Muslim. Circular logic, an inward looking philosophy and ultimately barbaric in its treatment of women, homosexuals, trans-anything, animals, in fact anything that isn’t Alpha Male, this is the Islam being brought into West. An Islam that has changed beyond recognition because of wars and other political interventions, Wahhabi Islam. If you want to see what’s coming I recommend An Angry Foreigner on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/EnArgBlatteTalar

Ready for some more?


I am in absolutely no doubt that most Western Muslims would have the same outlook as the average Jew. They don’t care what you believe, whether you agree with their religion or not, that we are all just people living our lives. Unfortunately it is not these people who get to choose the direction of their religions. Judaism/ Zionism in its extreme leads to global communism for all but them, whom we would ‘willingly’ serve because they are just so wonderful (look at the corruptions of the banking system, governments and media before deciding that) and Islam leads to socialism, again for the majority but you can bet your life the Aga Khan and other Royals won’t be part of the from each according to his ability, to each according his need – thanks a fucking bunch Karl Marx. Being outside of but choosing to support one of these ideologies over the other is akin to choosing your destroyer. Get a grip. The media have had Islam front and centre for a long time now so we can see what’s coming but say little about the Zionist infiltration of every part of our society. If we don’t stand against both now then when will we? Now is not the time for each to choose, now is the time for each to unite – for all our sakes.

Am I imagining things or can I already hear the screams of the non-binary Social Justice Warriors baying for my blood? 2016 was the year for the SJWs and their neo-feminist cohorts being equally scary and hilarious often both at the same time. How many of you saw the video where It asked if gender is defined by your bits? Well duh! That’s been working well enough since forever to determine gender. Of course you could look at the question genetically, but you still only have male or female. This gender confusion has nothing to do with sexuality, nor with transgender folk – this is a growing group of attention seeking young folk trying to rebel in a new way. 20yrs ago it was called androgyny (see, it’s not new) but there was no gender confusion, so I guess we’ll end up calling this Androgyny 1.5. The danger that they don’t see, because looking passed their own nose is too scary, is the influence this has on primary school age children. These 3 things, neo-feminism, SJW’s and the non-binarys, are coming together to create a perfect storm that they won’t recognise until it hits. I mean, really, if the worst thing that’s going on in your life is that you get offended but someone calling you a young man or a young lady then, well, you lucky fucker – I wish my life were so easy!

For a cutting but entertaining breakdown of neo-feminism watch Thunderf00t’s series, but take your time as there is a lot to get through…

To understand the complete hypocrisy of the SJWs you could have a laugh with Social Justice Warriors vs Logic

And to get to grips with what’s happening in universities now and how this has all happened before search out Camille Paglia, perhaps buy a book or 2…


I wonder how many that started reading this have made it through this far.

2016 was also the year we lost a great many sound and vision icons. Some were simply old, others just weren’t old enough. It was heart breaking losing the people who have been the soundtracks or on-screen companions of our lives. Again the commentators on social media had something to say. Seemingly we shouldn’t grieve for these people because we didn’t actually know them, or at least that was their take when it was an artist they didn’t particularly admire. Or how about this, taking some time to be stunned by the latest news meant you were taking your eye off the ball. The people in Syria are still dying! Standing Rock is still happening! Have you forgotten about the refugee crisis?! The Snoopers Charter! The NHS is falling apart! Well guess what – all that shit carried on anyway and nothing was lost by folk claiming a few hours to grieve or mourn in their own way. Ffs! Who gave any fuckwit on these platforms the right to guide our own morals and feelings? These people who speak so highly of respect, freedom of speech and expression, and the value of life! Honestly these tossers really need to take stock of themselves and see what they are becoming….

So now we’ve done politics, religion, social justice, neo-feminists, gender idiots, iconic losses and hypocritical social commentators so this seems to be the appropriate place to do a good news section. Not only is this a little sweetner for any Lefties that got this far, it’s also a poke in the eye to those who said petitions wouldn’t achieve anything. Look at what they accomplished in 2016…




See, it does work. There’s also Greenpeace, Avaaz, and whoever else you can think of. Together we are powerful, but you have to remember who is implementing the policies – so be careful what you ask for!!

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