Where Are We Now? An Update From MI5


political language


Oh you lot are just so funny! For 6 years now I’ve been playing Conspiratory Twister with you and you’ve managed to learn pretty much fuck all! Hahaha!

I mean, Flat Earth, again! And a load of you fell for it. Slam dunk. Brilliant. Took out a few influencers which was good news for us, some of them were getting too close to finding the Acillies heel of our globalist masters plan. Have you not realised yet that you are involved in a global soap opera? Look at it. Same storylines trotted out again and again. The reality manufacturers found some stories that you lot like and just roll them out periodically, you all know it’s distraction. Hell, you call it distraction- but how many of you are looking for what we are distracting you from..? It’s out there if you look.

Keep watching the right hand, we play with the left…

Because you’re all so aware now, so switched on to our devious ways that you’ll never be fooled again will you? Really…?

For example- how many of you have planned a trip to Malta or Portugal to find Atlantis? Or how about how most of you have now changed your minds about the whole ‘alien’ thing and realised it’s us playing tricks on you? And where exactly did you discover these truths? Only on the fucking telly- on Mainstream Media!!!! In Search Of Aliens and X Files! See how aware you are? Ha! Gullible fools. Of course leading the way in these revelations are our behind-the-scenes guys. An academic paper here, a revisited theory there just floating around for a while until they are ‘picked up’ by someone. After that our planted researchers suddenly have a hit of inspiration est voila! You’re all trotting off in the wrong direction again. Oh no, you guys don’t trust mainstream anything- yet amazingly loads of you are singing from our songsheet about Donald Trump, and most of you are flailing somewhere in the middle about the EU especially now it seems the Queen is for Brexit- where does that leave you with your anti-establishment stance? Independent thinkers indeed. Know what I see? Masses of black sheeple being willingly led to an alternative altar. All Hail the Truth! If only you knew how to find it. We started the whole ‘psychopath’ thing, how many of you have invested any meaningful amount of time investigating that term? I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you started using it against each other in disagreements! You can’t call someone a psychopath just because they get angry ffs! Psychopaths, in the main, are narcissists, they love attention and glory, they need people to honour, worship and, importantly, agree with them. To suggest they are all paedophiles involved in ritualistic murders is to show your ignorance – and soon will come the day that you will be laughed at. Educate yourself or what’s the point? The greatest information tool ever is at your fingertips- use it!!

Now, we have our agents everywhere, seriously, everyfuckingwhere. You want to know what makes it so hilarious? We’ve told you how to spot them! We had to, it’s called informed consent. You chose to listen to one of ours, they had to declare themselves, it’s that simple. So they tell you how to spot an agent and you all start looking at each other!!! It’s hysterical! Got to love our Oxford and Cambridge gremlins they are doing a great job. Don’t bother looking, if you haven’t spotted them yet you’re not going to. It’s so easy to take a position with you lot- focus on one thing, focus on many, doesn’t matter as long as they say the right words which, obviously, are the words YOU agree with. Have any of you even wondered how the Truth Movement got started? A few people out there started looking, started seeing what we have been up to. That was ok, but then they got talking to others about it. When we realised what was happening we got our psychics into action. We had been expecting it. There is little you can do that we’re not prepared for. All those rumours about us investigating psychic powers- all true. Same goes for mind control techniques. Poor Icke, all this time and he still doesn’t realise we’re playing him – but look at all his supporters, eating up the whole ‘reptile’ thing! Jones loves working for us, he’ll spread our bs all day long for his adoring fans. You’re not surprised it’s an international network are you?

But time is short and we have to give you another chance to find your way, in line with Natural Law, so let me break it down for you nice and simple. There are real researchers who blaze their own path, there are ‘researchers’ who piggyback on other peoples work and declare themselves experts, and there are commentators who read others peoples work and talk about it. It is the real researchers that I will be talking about now. Whether they are looking at modern geo-politics, exploring ancient history or revealing the occulted, either singularly or in combination, they know what the problem is. It is the issue that has followed mankind from primordial times. Whether they know what to do about the problem depends on how well they have studied the occult. The globalist masters are occultists- they hide things from you- things that only other occultists can see. Makes sense, yes? So the non-occult will say ‘X is the issue but there is no way around it so let’s do Y and hope it sorts itself out’. Occult researchers will say ‘X is the issue, there is something we can do but we need the right numbers at the right time’. It’s not very often there are only 2 options, but this is a ‘fork in the road’ time and you WILL have to choose. It is time to drop those rose coloured glasses once and for all. No-one is coming to rescue you. There will be no Saviour or alien leaders to usher in a bright new dawn (unless we set one up of course). This is between the Many of You and the Fuckwits of Few who are currently in power. Whether you believe in the occult or not doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, the Fuckwits in power do, and strangely enough it’s been working for them for a very, very long time.

There is one global issue that can be tackled at a national level to ensure your freedom. It has been the central theme of the ruling elites occult agenda for milennia. How many of you can figure out what it is?



  1. There’s a problem right there…which occultists do you choose to believe? See, it doesn’t actually matter whether it’s alien lizards or satanic forces or occult powers – they all require some “other” to show us mere mortals the way, and that smacks of avoiding the issue to me. I don’t need to see an occult plan to see that things are wrong, I don’t need to study the occult to do something about them, any more than I would need a ray gun to take down Ickes reptoids. It’s just setting the masses up for another form of unnecessary leadership – far better to say “fuck ’em all” and fight everyone πŸ˜‰ just my opinion you understand πŸ˜€

    1. I hear what you’re saying but think you misunderstood, I was talking about researchers not occultists in general. I also said ‘the Many of You against the Fuckwits of Few’. I didn’t say anything about leadership. There is one way we can challenge the current paradigm and truly gain our freedom without resorting to fighting everyone- which frankly doesn’t sound too different to the world we live in today anyway πŸ™‚
      I’ve written previous blogs that may explain my personal views a little more clearly

    1. Honoured to have you read my little blog David. Your work is phenomenal and a joy to read- even if the numbers are a little tricky at times πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for the time you invested in your monumental journey to unravel our hidden history…

  2. I think it’s time that folk realised and accepted that history is a lie. It is in fact ‘old school’ and rather boring. The truth however isn’t. Thank you David for your addition to that truth. Beware now that many who surround you to help you will do just the opposite. You know that to be truth, I’m sure. Brilliant blog TT!

  3. https://youtu.be/Nd6PjZQZYmE This talk in Russian but with subtitles is worth the two hours viewing time Professor Etimov in his lecture uses the Term Egregore https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egregore Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.

    The Term completed a circle of understanding for me.

    and Frances Leaders wonderful Journalism on Steemit similarly completed another part of my own framework of understanding here.

    Mark WIndows referred to General Petrov in a Fake Rebellion episode with Frances

    That led to Prof Etimov.
    #comment textarea

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