What Colour is the Sun?

Or, when trying to impress with science makes you a complete dick!


 Let’s get one thing straight from the start shall we. I know we cannot look directly at the sun because it could burn the retinas. We learnt that in primary school ffs! We also all had that one in class who at the first chance would run outside, look in the sky and shout that they had looked at the sun and were blind. So no, I do not need to hear that again.

I also know that we can still look in the sky and see the sun without looking directly at it! Good luck looking directly at it anyway, you’ll be 8 minutes too late. The sky is big, the sun is comparatively small. If you cannot look at the area of the sky that the sun is in, for whatever reason, I suggest you visit an optician, or perhaps a psychiatrist in some cases, but for crying out loud stop banging out this lame arsed line. It’s boring.

Let’s talk about refraction. That wonderful trick that splits white light into a rainbow when shone through a prism. It’s the thing that makes the sky blue and gives us beautiful sunsets. Amazingly enough the same ‘you can’t look at the sun’ espousers are happy enough to tell you that yes they’ve seen an orange or red sun in the evening, “that’s refraction”, but when you point out that the yellow appearance of the sun is equally due to refraction they just trot out the ‘you can’t look…’ blah-de-blah-de-blah bollox again. And so the circle is complete and before long the idea of banging your head against a wall becomes appealing.

So yes, when viewed from outside our atmosphere, the sun is white. When the sun is low in the sky it can appear to be orange or red due to the lightwaves coming through said atmosphere, but most of the day refraction should result in the sun appearing to be yellow. This appearance of yellowness should be heightened in areas of high pollution. So, science buffs, my question remains the same….

IF nothing has changed in our atmosphere, IF HAARP have only been doing atmospheric experiments designed to ‘help’ us and IF there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH to any of the, surprisingly varied, theories of chemtrails, then why the fuck in the middle of London, at any time during the day, is the sun WHITE?!

Answers on the back of a used fiver please


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