Rants and Rambles pt2

More BS

Are women being controlled by male DNA?

Have you heard that male DNA has been found in women’s brains? Yep, straight up. All women that have been pregnant with boys have male DNA in their brains. Yay! Another one for the No Shit Sherlock file! Guess what, the expectant mother and fetus/ baby SHARE BLOOD. You know, it goes through those things called ‘placenta’ and ‘umbilical cord’. What did you think happens? It’s all Mum’s blood until baby is born and then Hey Presto, baby’s blood magically changes?!! Jeez, so much for critical thinking. Guess what else, that male DNA in the brain is found ALL OVER the mothers’ body! You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that female DNA will be found in every mans’ body, but looking at that will spoil the effect so we’ll just ignore it, k?  No it’s not ok! This is part of an ongoing campaign against the power and independence of women. Started by religion, science has now been hijacked to make sure ladies continue to ‘behave’.

This started a while ago with a rumour that women absorb DNA from every man they sleep with. Shock, horror, gasp! Stands back in absolute amazement of just how gullible some people can be. Anyone with an understanding of physiology will know what complete bollox this is. Y’see, individual sperm are just too big to be absorbed, digestive enzymes are needed to break them down into amino acids (proteins) which are small enough. Of course the cells that would accept these aminos are found in the gut, not in the uterus. Hello! Digestive enzymes in the uterus? You think we’d have noticed that by now as women slowly consume themselves from the inside, c’mon, we all know that’s what insecurities are for!!. Yes, fair enough, DNA will be absorbed after a blowjob, same as it is absorbed from everything that anyone eats. Yes, you too absorb DNA from carrots, potatoes, meats, apples, the works. If it grows it contains proteins. Simple. So what’s the big deal about taking in a bit from your fella? There is no big deal, it’s just aminos. It’s certainly NOT going to give him control of you or we’d all be at the mercy of cows and sheep by now! Let’s not forget the psuedo-spiritual angle, ‘when you are engaged in love-making your energies mingle’. Yeah, same as they mingle when you stand within 2 feet of anyone. Think about it, people travel on crowded buses and trains every day. People stand in packed out pubs and clubs every weekend. If there were a problem with mixing your energies in intimate situations all these people would be on psychiatric wards by now, instead and they are doing just fine thank you!

Look, we’ve had 2000 years of being told by the Church that sex is bad and women are worse and the kickback is finally here. Ladies, if you are single and want to have some fun – fucking go for it! Yes be careful, sexually transmitted diseases are real and if you catch one it’s your own damn fault as they are preventable. If he wont wear a condom, give him a miss. Respect yourself first, always. I’m not suggesting you make yourself available to every man around, I’m saying choose carefully from the men making themselves available! We seem to have forgotten the joys of taking a lover, indulging in sensual pleasure with someone you respect and admire, in favour of having fuck buddies! Come on ladies, you are worth more than being someones semen depository!! Whether you are single or in a relationship, learn what it means to be a Siren. Rediscover the lost art of sacred sex. Get yourself to a sex therapist and explore your boundaries. Hold yourself high and enjoy your sex drive, after all, if it wasn’t meant to be fun it wouldn’t feel so good!! That said, there is a particular type that have long-awaited recognition and respect, the females with high sex drives coupled with commitment phobia. These ladies have been performing an incredible service from time immemorial, saving men from being gibbering wrecks with swollen balls. So hats off to the whores and sluts! And thank you for keeping the streets clear of sex starved men drooling over anything with a pulse!

How to Control a Population Without Religion

Welcome to the rise of the New Puritans! No religious connotations here, no way. Religion is out, being as it’s such a control mechanism. Often found as extremely stressed out parents trying to do their best, “oh no, Johnny can’t have juice, all those E numbers, smoothies only”, “Sally is on an organic vegetarian diet – is that humus organic?”, “wheat? don’t you know how bad that is?”, “to vaccinate or not? I’m so confused”, “sweets! chocolate! haven’t you heard of diabetes?!!” these New Puritans are found in many guises. Some will be found standing smugly in the supermarket queue, casting pitiful glances at anyone who dares to have a ready meal or a packet of biscuits, while they look admiringly at their own basket full of ‘healthful’ foods. There are those who wont even go in a supermarket – if they don’t grow it themselves they’ll get it from a farmers market, or starve apparently. And it’s not just food. There are New Puritans that would never buy clothes from Primark, Gap, Next, and the like, ‘it’s an ethical decision you know’ they’ll sneer before banging on about safety risks and factory workers in developing countries. Some have elevated their consciousness to such a degree that they have surpassed their egos, of which they will  remind you at every available opportunity. Holy fuck, how much pride is wrapped up in that? ‘Ah yes, there were 5 times today when I didn’t engage with my ego, I believe that allows me to polish my ‘I’m so good’ badge again’. Then there are those planting trees to offset their carbon footprints (all photos uploaded onto social media), others will loudly, proudly and frequently declare they buy all their stuff second-hand thereby proving they are not materialistic consumers. Oh yes, the New Puritans are the living icons of the modern age, so you just sit back and listen while they tell you how wrong your life is. Listen to them though and you’ll hear it. Guilt. If it’s not guilt for what they have done, it’s for what might be. Free floating guilt, where did we see that before?

Thankfully you don’t often meet someone practicing all of the above, but you catch the drift. Religion is no longer needed if you can have everyone caught in a quandary of doing the ‘right’ thing. Yes having green credentials is cool, but while big business and agriculture are ploughing through natural resources unrestrained and at an unbelievable rate, all your good work is making little difference. The environment is being trashed, we are told, because of our ‘demands’. However, if we weren’t offered goods that depend on the destruction of the Rainforest for their production, there wouldn’t be a demand for them. It’s a Catch 22 fuelled by advertising and blamed on us because we don’t know. Childhood is meant to be a time of being carefree, of being open to everything, but in trying to do the right thing we as parents are taking the joy out of this most wonderful season. We grew up on wheat, sweets, fizzy drinks, mudpies, vaccines (though admittedly not as many) and constant grazes on elbows and knees and we are OK! Your children have a whole lifetime to get screwed up in, don’t start them on the road so early! If you can afford ethical fashion then good for you, but not everyone can. As long as there are fashion victims on limited budgets there will be jobs for people who need to put food on the table. Yes it is modern slavery, yes they are paid a pittance, but in a country with no welfare state it is the lesser of two evils. It is pointless blaming the consumer when the conditions are set by those making the most money. The New Puritans are sucking the fun out of everything! We are supposed to be humans being, so please, let’s just be as best we can. Remember it is your life, your body, to do with as you please, but you only get the one so look after it. You can do all the yoga, drink all the water and eat all the organic food you want, you’re still gonna die one day. So have fun! You get one life*, enjoy it!!! Don’t let someone else dictate how you should live.

* if you believe in reincarnation, this is the only life you will live as the person you are today. Next life will be a new you. There is, as far as I know, no proof that being ‘monastic’ and ‘pure’ gets you off the reincarnation wheel any quicker.

The Earth is flat!


Nuff said.

BitCoin is the way!

No it’s not. Sorry AnCaps and other friends of crypto currencies, but these are flawed at a very basic level. Yes I know they are marvels of the techno age. Yes data mining is cool, and they can be divided into millions and billions of pieces so everyone can have a bit. It’s fully traceable so it’s transparent (yeah, right). They may well be deflationary, but you don’t want constant deflation any more than you want constant inflation. But the list of positives does go on, way more than I’ve just mentioned, and there are flaws. Big ones.

The classic line is ‘crypto currencies cannot be controlled’. Really? How do you get a BitCoin? You buy it. So you exchange your cash for a bit of a Bit, buy something with it, and the person you pay exchanges your bit of a Bit for cash. Wow, that’s sticking to the Bankers! Who can buy the biggest number of them? Well, that’ll be the super rich. Instantly your BitCoin is being controlled by the very same people who are controlling your non crypto money. They will hoard them to ‘curb’ the market, and release them again as and when they feel like it. You think Banks don’t get involved in crypto currency? Ahhhh, how sweet. A little naive, but sweet. Remember Mt Gox? £70 million worth of BitCoins gone. Hackers of course. Who is the Chief Exec of Bitcoin start-up Digital Asset Holdings? Step forward please Blythe Masters, former head of JP Morgans commodities dept. Another Bitcoin start-up, Circle Internet Financial Ltd, is being funded by Goldman Sachs. Oh you rebel you!!

‘Gox was just part of a long line of questionable events in Bitcoin’s history, but it still proved that Bitcoin is not out of the reach of either hucksters, government, or big banks. The bigger picture is that Bitcoin actually plays right into the hands of the banksters, who have been pushing towards a cashless and fully digitized society anyway.  I would not be surprised if Bitcoin was a creation of the NSA all along, designed to condition people into supporting the shift away from cash, or to fool gung-ho libertarians into promoting a currency mechanism that actually works against their interests.  What better way to defeat a rebellion than to trick that rebellion into working against itself?’

I lifted that from a comments section, and yes there were plenty there defending cryptos, but it sums up my gut feeling about them. If cryptocurrency was a threat to The Big Boys it would’ve been shut down from the start. Are you getting it yet? It’s an international currency. A global currency. Do you honestly believe they would allow any currency they can’t control to flourish?

The Blame Game

‘It’s our own fault we’re in this mess’

I’ve heard this a number of times over the years and you know what? Fuck right off. No, it’s not my fault that we’re in the EU. I didn’t even get a say about joining the EEC being as I was about 5 years old at the time. I didn’t get to vote about Thatchers’ plans which devastated the country’s industry, no-one did. No-one has ever asked me whether I agree to cutting swathes through the Rainforest or relocating indigenous tribes. No manager has ever asked my opinion about their business model. I can only be held responsible for my own actions and decisions, and even then it can only be based on what I know at the time. Being as around 95% of the population are on auto-pilot, relying on media to tell them what they need to make them happy, they cannot be held responsible for the crap going on. Adverts are deliberately seductive, we know that. ‘Here, buy this car to feel free’, ‘This skin cream will make you look younger (according to some pseudoscience bullshit we’ve just made up)’, ‘Happy children all have this particular toy/ dress/ food/ computer’. If the life one is living is about managing an ever decreasing budget while trying to keep up with the Joneses, if that is the life of those around you, and if the release is comparing that life to another’s on a soap opera – then are they really responsible, or just hopelessly gullible and lost?

Politicians harp on about wanting to get people engaged and interested, and then deliberately use complex language to ensure folk switch off. The news readers seem specially selected, bright enough to be able the read the bullshit, daft enough to believe it – or maybe they are just highly underrated actors. The ever-growing numbers of people with eating disorders, both anorexia and bulimia, with an increasing number of males being diagnosed demonstrates explicitly the power of advertising. The pressure on the young to have a photo shopped body or face public ridicule is tremendous. I’m in my 40’s and there is a particular Dame on an advert telling me how a skin cream will make me ‘feel’ young! How will a face cream make me feel young?!! Just to rub salt in the wound she’s eyeing up a much younger man AND she has fewer wrinkles than me!!! Or does she? There’s nothing on the ad to say how much make up and photoshop has been used.

Everything is arse upwards! We are being fed a constant stream of lies dressed up as science, truths or dreams and now you want to blame everyone for the mess we are in? You, the same ones who say it’s all down to the psychopaths that are in control! Make up your fucking minds will you?! Oh, don’t tell me – it’s cos it’s all an illusion being made real by our collective thoughts. Bollox, bollox, bollox! The only ones responsible for that are the ones that know! Our thoughts become real when we make them real. When we feed and nurture them. And most are only feeding and nurturing thoughts of their own lives, not for the whole of humanity! Most would like world peace, but that ain’t happened yet, so it’s NOT blind, wishful thinking thoughts making a difference is it?!

Stop blaming! Stop blaming the Jews. Stop blaming the Muslims. Stop blaming the consumers. Stop blaming the unaware. Stop blaming the unemployed. Stop blaming the tv (it’s not the set, it’s what is shown on it!). Stop blaming HAARP. Stop blaming the system. Stop blaming the banks. Stop blaming the workers. Stop blaming the lack of unions. Stop blaming the wars. Stop blaming the cannon fodder. Stop blaming globalisation. Stop blaming the courts. Stop blaming education. Stop blaming privatisation. Look at who profits from it all. Blame them!

Armageddon Conspiracy



 A few times I have shared a paragraph or a page from the website


This has led to some interesting conversations. Some are righteously offended by the interpretation of Abrahamic religions, and frequently tell me that their particular flavour has been misrepresented. Others are stunned by the vicious attack on Anonymous. A few are surprised by the colourful language used and say because of that they cannot take it seriously – this coming from a Brandite! How hypocritical can some people be?!! And, of course, the conspiracy theorists are saddened that their theories are not taken seriously. All that aside, the questions I’m most often asked are, ‘is it really written by the Illuminati?’ and ‘is it all true?’. The answer to both is, how the fuck am I meant to know?!! What I do know is it has been written by some incredibly knowledgable people, weaving as it does between philosophy, science, art, mathematics, literature, psychology and everything in between. If it is a wind-up then it is the most thoroughly researched, painstakingly written and, for some, the most psychologically challenging wind-up in history! As to whether it’s all true, well that’s for you to figure out. You have access to the internet, use it. The difference between a question and an answer is looking, researching. If you blindly accept whatever you are told you deserve to be misled, a lesson we all learn eventually. Personally I think this website is a good place to start. It is huge. Be prepared to lose many hours to it. You may not like all that is said, there may be parts which you find downright disagreeable, but the choice to be ultimately offended or inspired is yours.

Actually I’m surprised the Anarchists aren’t all over it, well, the ones that haven’t got super fragile egos at least. Surely they’d be the first to see that Meritocracy is the stepping stone needed to get us to Anarchy. If you believe that the masses are awakening then you need to watch (yes, tv) something like Gogglebox or Big Brother. Go to a friends’ house and plug-in for an hour, but prepare to be disappointed. If everyone you know agrees with your line of thinking then you have lost touch with the general public, or you have surrounded yourself with ‘yes’ people. Both are roads to nowhere. Can you think of a better way of getting people engaged than telling them they can’t vote on something until they show a thorough understanding of it?!! The challenge is there and, with free education for all, there is no excuse for not rising to it. Want to have a say about the economy? Trade? Transport? The NHS? Education? Energy, free or otherwise? Show that you understand all aspects of it first. A couple of generations growing up with that and we’ll have the most switched on population ever! And no more elites controlling everything from the shadows. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Isn’t that what this Movement is about?

The Coming Economic Crash

Oh gawd, this is a real hot potato issue. Rumours and magazine articles abound of the upcoming ‘crash that will bring down all global economies’, said to be due in September 2015. There was one article stating a meeting in London at the end of May was to discuss bringing in a global currency after this. But, as we all know, disaster stories sell and finance magazines are as likely as any other to use dramatic headlines to increase sales. What do we know about this supposed meeting in London? Naff all. Maybe there was a discussion about what to do in case of systemic economic failure, but was it the first meeting about this? The last? Perhaps it was one in a series of meetings scheduled for the next 5 years. The only ones who know were in the meeting, and they’re not talking. Crashes happen, we know that. FInancial analysts say that crashes happen regularly, every 5-7 years, meaning we’re overdue one (the last crash was 2007, the recession began in 2008). Or does it mean cyclical crashes are a fallacy? Maybe, as some would say, crashes happen when they are engineered to. Economists, analysts and commentators all agree that the current financial system is unsustainable. It’s a fucked up system where banks give loans by ‘creating deposits’, taking no risk with their own money, so repayments are 100% profit and interest payments are a bonus. This practice of fractional reserve lending has resulted in the mind-boggling situation whereby if we take all the cash available in the country and give it to the banks it wouldn’t go anywhere near covering what is owed in mortgages, loans, credit cards and so on. 97% of the money held in accounts is fictitious. It has no representation in the paper and coin we know as money. Now know, if we took all the cash in circulation, added it to all the cash held by banks and gave the whole lot to the Bank of England it wouldn’t pay off the country’s debt to them and you begin to see the size of the hole we are in. How the fuck did this happen? Why was it allowed to happen? Deregulation played the biggest part, and there are folk out there crying for further deregulation! No doubt these same folk would also say the best way to get out of a hole is to keep digging.

In the House of Commons debate about Money Creation and Society, Steve Baker (Conservative MP for Wycombe) had this to say

‘….the present trajectory of reform should be continued with. After 15 years of studying these matters, and now having made it to the Treasury Committee, I am ever more convinced that there is no way to change the present monetary order until the ideas behind it have been tested to destruction—and I do mean tested to destruction. This is an extremely serious issue. It will not change until it becomes apparent that the ideas behind the system are untenable.’


Tested to destruction? Are they the words we want to be hearing about the financial system? If it’s not already apparent to those in the Houses that the ideas behind the system are untenable, then we need new people in the Houses. Where does this leave us with regard to this catastrophic crash that’s meant to be coming? Well we’re no wiser about when, but I think we can safely say it will happen one day. A friend said the global crash is the economic equivalent of the alien invasion story, and I get that. I know we’ve had repeated warnings about it for the last 10 years and, like the boy who called wolf, it starts to lose its shock value but being complacent while balanced on a knife-edge probably isn’t the wisest way to go.

Alien Invasion Imminent!!

 Oh yes, it’s that time again. The aliens are coming but this time it’s a mock invasion staged by The Powers That Be to usher in the New World Order and all that that entails. I know Lightworkers who are receiving channelled messages about when ‘first contact’ will be. I know people that have been abducted and probed and what-have-you, who insist on calling them ‘our space Brothers’ – seriously? If I kidnap you, subject you to operations without anasthetic and then kinda/almost wipe your memory of it, will you consider me a friend? I read all about the Bases in America. The battles, Nightmare Hall, the contracts with World Leaders, the goodies, the baddies, the 53 different types of alien living here (mostly underground), oh the wealth of information doesn’t end. But not one, not ONE has ever shown themselves. We’ve had stories and films about them since when, the 1930’s? 40’s? And still no show?

If, IF, the aliens are coming from a planet far, far away, they are not going to let our World Leaders bring in the NWO. If they are greedy buggers they’ll take what they want and won’t give 2 hoots about us or the psychos. If they are friendly they might help us usurp the psychos, or, they may just visit a while, wonder why so many are enslaved to so few, wish us all the best and leave rather confused.

 In the meantime, while you are wondering what will happen when, the psychos in charge are laughing their arses off at how easily distracted you are….

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