2 Ways To Be A Rebel In Three Easy Steps

Below are 2 easy ways to show your inner rebel, choose whichever is most suitable…

Option 1

step one – take your polling card to your local polling station

step two – take your ballot paper

step three – put your X in the box next to your Independent candidate and pop ballot paper in the box

Option 2

step one – take your polling card to your local polling station

step two – take your ballot paper

step three – put it in your pocket/ bag and walk out

Option 2 IS legal. It is YOUR ballot paper to do with as you wish. It also screws up the number count

‘Ah, we handed out 20,000 ballot papers but we have only counted 16,000 back in’.

Those 4,000 could make all the difference to the result, so no result can be declared. No result means no Party with the majority. That means run the whole thing again. That means WE get to show THEM that we’re not taking this crap anymore. No result means they HAVE to answer our questions. It means they HAVE to listen. It reminds them that they are Servants of the Public and if they don’t serve US they don’t get into Parliament.

The EU is all about Globalism and the interests of global businesses and banks – look at TTIP, there is nothing to benefit the general public in that, it’s all about global businesses and how they can make more money. UKIP in suggesting they will invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will give the Globalists 2 years to rearrange their operations to ensure they don’t lose any profit. Much as I don’t like, or trust, UKIP they are the only ones offering this escape route. Clegg, Miliband and Cameron all said ‘an in or out vote if there is a movement of Sovereign powers to Brussels’, but none were asked what Sovereign powers are left to be removed anyway! From what I can see all we have left of any value is printing our own money.

This article was written in 2009, now seems a good time to re-visit it


Independent parliamentary candidates have no ties to globalists or bankers. Their palms haven’t been greased with easy money and they are not working with the promise of a cushy Board of Directors position at the end of their term. By virtue of  this, Independents will do what We The People demand of them. Isn’t it about time we had a Government dancing to OUR tune? Isn’t it time we had a Government working FOR us?

So, what does your Inner Rebel want you to do? Option 1 – vote Independent or Option 2 – mess with the count? Both will work in sending a message. Both will send shockwaves through Westminster.

Go on, let your Inner Rebel out….. I dare you 😉

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