On Psychos, Sheeple and Troofers

manipulating Labels, labels, labels…. Everywhere we go, everyone we speak to – especially in The Truth Movement – eventually, inexorably, someone will start using labels. Of course they are all pejorative. Hey, who needs mainstream media to cause divisions? We can do that all on our own now thank you. Or can we…..? Sheeple The Sheeple, also known as the general public, the unawakened, mainstream media believers. I have even heard them referred to as ‘mindless consumers’. Mindless? I know some highly intelligent people who believe all that comes out of a newsreaders mouth. It’s not about being mindless, it’s about not wanting their worldview compromised – and who can blame them? We all remember when we were one of The Sheeple, easier times weren’t they? It’s also bloody hard work now to remain unaware. Cognitive dissonance; that uncomfortable feeling when you are being told something that doesn’t quite fit, doesn’t quite ring true. Here in the UK the news tells us that austerity is working and the economy is booming, cut to the economy and the National Debt is growing uncontrollably. Hang on! £75bn deficit plus booming economy, the two go together how? Dissonance. This years ‘flu vaccine is the wrong strain and will offer no protection, but you are advised to get immunised anyway. Dissonance. Two planes, three towers. Dissonance. The latest breakthrough treatment for cancer is another cocktail of poisonous substances. Disso – you get the picture. But the newsreader has such a lovely, lilting voice, comforting, reassuring, and so seamlessly drifts from one lot of crap to another lot of bullshit that we drift along with them, accepting it all. It must be right, they look so sincere….

And we were all there! What woke you up? Was it one bullshit story too many- or was it someone calling you a ‘sheeple’? Everyone has a breaking point. If someone is going to ‘wake up’, they will – but do you think calling them names is going to help?

Troofers are great!! Honestly, they are a laugh a minute – and we’ve all been there too. Just after ‘waking up’ there’s this whole world of anti-establishment media opened to us, and we jump in head first and believe absofuckinglutely everything. Reptiles rule the world! We were created as a slave race! The Earth is flat! The Earth is hollow! (actually it may be, but not in the way we were told) No-one ever walked on the Moon! But when they did they saw buildings on the dark side! Robin Williams was murdered by the Illuminati! The Ice Bucket Challenge was a satanic initiation! The aliens are coming! Global warming is a lie, it’s actually getting colder! Global warming is true and we’re all gonna fry tomorrow! For more of these weird and wonderful stories please follow the work of Alex Jones, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, any religious leader, in fact anyone who likes to drum up the fear response.

Troofers are the Black Sheeple. They don’t believe anything on the news but will buy wholesale everything available on alternative media, including authorless, linkless, 5 minute videos on YouTube. If we are lucky we have a friend to go through all this with. If we are really lucky we meet others who get our critical minds engaged, our feet back on the ground and our heads out of our arses! So let’s not spurn and ridicule the Troofers, they are doing their best in a crazy world full of contradictory signposts, undercover agents and massive amounts of disinfo.

Actually, after writing that I had a brief conversation with a seasoned activist who has recently become a Flat Earther. It was most informative. Apparently we cannot believe anything that Copernicus or Galileo said because they were taught by, and became, Jesuits *shock, horror, gasp*. Never mind that back then ALL teaching was done by Jesuits, please don’t let history get in the way of your paranoid fantasies. It’s the same today – you cannot trust any MP or member of the clergy because they are all paedophiles aren’t they? No, they’re not! And I’m sure not all Jesuits are evil bastards either. I also learned that the reason we’ve been told the Earth is a globe is to hide the fact that the stars are waaaaaay further out than we think. Seemingly all the images we’ve seen from Hubble and recordings from satellites are CGI frauds. The truth is the Earth IS the universe and the sun and moon are in orbit around us. The reason for this mind-boggling, multi century, staggeringly elaborate deception? So that, when needed, TPTB can have us scared of an alien invasion. Yeah, you can’t argue with ‘logic’ like that can you? Oh, and I was given a link to reformation.org – a website that has to be seen to be believed! Honestly, go and have a look! You’ll laugh your arse off, but remember some folk believe this shit….

One thing Troofers need to get to grips with is False Flag Syndrome. A few times now I’ve heard ‘it’s a false flag, move on’. Move on? With a few possible exceptions, these false flags have taken lives. Most often real bombs and real bullets are used, and real people die. ISIS, ISIL, IS, whatever they are called, may well be rampaging all over the Middle East at the behest of Western interests, but that doesn’t take away from the fact they are killing innocent people. Move on? Don’t you see the ‘flase flag’ has been hijacked and is being used against us? Don’t be blinded to the reality of the false flags, and the devastation they leave behind. What kind of Truth Movement stops seeing the truth?

Psychopath. Probably the Truth Movement’s favourite label. Everyone’s a psychopath! The thing is, we all DO fall somewhere on the psychopathy scale. We all HAVE psychopathic traits. The difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is – ‘they’ are psychopathic all the time.

So what do you think of when you hear that word? Politicians? Child abusers? Serial Killers? Chief Executives? Religious leaders?

Surgeons? Bankers? Media folk (tv and radio)? Lawyers? Journalists? Civil servants? Sales reps? Revolutionaries? Explorers?

Yes, all of these occupations attract psychopaths because they love the limelight. Doesn’t mean they would all go on a killing spree though does it? No, the killing is only for the anti-social ones and they most commonly do it at a distance nowadays. Sitting in an office making plans that will destroy a local environment in a land far, far away. Pollute other people’s waters and land. Drive indigenous tribes out of their ancestral homes. Use the flimsiest of excuses to start endless wars.  All so they can get their grubby hands on some resource not found here and make some crappy thing for the masses to buy at a price that could never reflect all the labour and travel costs incurred. Lives and futures destroyed for profit – the hallmark of the modern anti-social psychopath. They take great delight seeing others suffer, whether through poverty, sickness or just plain down on their luck. I wonder how many of the 1% are anti-social psychopaths.

Then there are the ‘common or garden’ psychopaths. They appear to fit in to society having worked hard to hide their differences. They don’t particularly want to hurt anyone but wouldn’t be upset if a calamity destroyed half the population – as long as they themselves and the people they most like were ok. They don’t enjoy seeing others suffer but wont feel any motivation to do anything about it either, believing it’s up to the sufferer to do something and if they can’t, ah well, that’s life. Charming, highly intelligent, confident to a point of arrogance, they don’t understand why people care so much. ‘Yes what’s happening in Syria is awful, but you’re not there, it’s not affecting you or your family, so why are you upset about it?’ one said to me. Yes, I know some people who score pretty high on the psychopathy scale – and I’m glad I do!! As much as I amuse them with all my ‘caring and empathy’, their hyperrational minds are quick to point out any flaws in my thinking (there are many but I’m working on it). They are the glory seekers and risk takers that make sport more interesting, go off exploring unchartered territories, save lives. Who do you want rocking up when someone you love is lost on a mountain, an empath who will hold your hand and feel your pain? Or a psychopath willing risk their life for the status of hero? Ok, you’d probably want both, but if you had to choose…

A subsection of this group are the enablers of the anti-socials, the yes men and gatekeepers who help the anti-socials fulfil their deepest, darkest desires and then hide the evidence. Never getting their own hands dirty, they have enormous leverage over the people they are ‘helping’. That undoubtedly is as scary as it sounds.

There is a third group of psychopath that you don’t often hear about. The pro-social psychopath. They still lack empathy. No, they wont really give a crap that little Johnny has cancer – but they will be infuriated to find his treatment is different to Sally’s because they live in different postcodes. Similarly the difference in punishment to teenage joyriders, where the spoilt rich kid gets off with a warning but the lad from the council estate goes to prison. Nothing gets the goat of a pro-social psycho quite like inequality and injustice. Recently the owner of a successful business decided to take a major cut in his six figure salary to give his employees a pay rise. Is he a pro-social? Who knows, maybe. Maybe because the idea of being pro-social is out there more of them will come forward. Maybe some of the common or garden types will adopt the stance to aid social acceptance. Does it really matter? Not right now, no. For now it is enough that some are making a difference but I recommend to watch with a cynical eye and see if the generosity lasts. You see the pro-social believes that everyone should be given the same opportunities, in everything, and let your talents take you where they may. This is obviously very different to the anti-socials whose motto is ‘me and mine first, fuck everyone else’, admirably demonstrated by a CEO who, while earning £350 an hour, said that pay of £6.70 an hour is enough to live on. To say he lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land is an insult to cuckoos.

Yes the world desperately needs more artists, inventors, healers, empaths and dreamers, but we also need the pro-social psychopaths to take on and take out the anti-social ones, cos let’s face it, the Movement is far too fractured to actually achieve anything. The pro-socials are focussed on one thing – to take out the ruling elite, thus ensuring equality for all. So next time you’re calling for all psychopaths to be locked up or carted off to the Gulags, remember, they are not all evil and some of them could actually help.

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