On Your Marks, Get Set….. Vote!!!

Smell BS 2 hours. 2 hours of political double speak, imploring looks to camera, feigned care and concern, enthusiastic hand gestures, and since when did racism become patriotic?

Patriotism – to express: love, devotion, and vigorous support for one’s country. Strange, I can’t see where it suggests showing animosity to, and blaming your country’s ills on, foreigners. Nigel Farright (UKIP) may have been spot on when he said being part of the EU means having an Open Door to all other EU members, but Natalie Bennett (Green) made a far more pertinent point when stating that it was not foreigners that caused our problems – it was, and still is, Government policy. Who decided to sell off council houses and put a block on building more? Who decided to close hospitals and A&E departments in favour of dedicated, specialist, centres of excellence? (Oh, has anyone got a ‘centre of excellence’ near them? What’s it like?). Who chose not to build more schools even though the birth rate went up? Remember there are 5 years between birth and school. 5 years is long enough to build a school isn’t it? Who chose to reduce monies paid to Social Care after years of telling us about the strain put on the NHS by an ageing population? Who signed us up to the Maastricht Treaty? Do I need to go on? Are you still going to blame immigration? Any true patriot will be holding every Government in power from about 1978 onwards responsible for this, not viewing it in the short-term and laying it all at the feet of immigrants. A patriot takes pride in their country. If you are not proud of your homeland, blame the ones who have failed it – and that will always, always, be the Government. Whether through Treaties or wars, it is Government policy that has screwed us over.

David Cameraman (Con) saying a vote for UKIP is a backdoor vote for Labour, oh dear, is he deliberately ignoring that loads of Tory MPs and donators have defected to UKIP? This is probably a good time to point out that Farright was a staunch Conservative for many years, only leaving because John Major signed the UK up to the Maastricht Treaty, long after Thatcher had torn both the country and its’ people apart. Though he likes to portray the image of being ‘one of the lads’, Nigel went to a public school and then went to work at the Stock Exchange. Having him as Prime Minister is a 1%ers wet dream!! A vote for ‘our Nige’ is a tacit agreement to an extremely right-wing Government – so if you’re enjoying the austerity measures and the continued flow of money to the 1%, vote UKIP.

Now don’t get me wrong I want out of Europe as much as anyone with a brain does, preferably yesterday, but if we’re going to corner our MPs and Government we need to do it with a better argument than racism. Here is a link to an article that lays it out majestically… http://pol-check.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/membership-of-eu-pros-and-cons.html

Mismanagement and Corruption

The EU accounts have not passed their audit for 18 years.  The former European Commission Chief Accountant, Marta Andreasen, said of the latest failed audit that:  ‘If this report, outlining as it does the continued gross mismanagement of EU funds, doesn’t set alarm bells ringing in Downing Street then nothing will.’  This mismanagement and probable corruption is always ignored in discussions of the EU.  The EU is not a place where politics and government are cleaner and better, it is the opposite. As Daniel Hannan put it: “The EU is no longer an ideological project, but a racket – a mechanism for redistributing wealth to people who, directly or indirectly, are on its payroll.”

I took that straight out of the article, which I strongly suggest you read. It details the trade deficits, differences in law, politics, international trade treaties, the single currency, free movement of labour, how Corporations are avoiding tax, everything. THIS is what we need to take on our not so noble leaders, THIS is how we make them squirm. We don’t need a racist chant from UKIP and their Conservative backers to make a complete mess of it all, we need level-headed, intelligent, qualified people to work it through and get us out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Here we arrive at the crux of the whole election con. Just how are any of the candidates qualified to run the country? With Farright, Cameraman, Millipede and Pegg we see the ‘who you know’ effect. Nigel is the only one who has had a job, though working in the Stock Exchange is hardly run of the mill employment. Where is the experience of running a successful business? Managing a sizeable, happy workforce who are justly rewarded for their time and efforts? Balancing the company accounts? Ed is the only one of them that went to a state school, though after achieving fairly average grades he soon became one of the Oxbridge mob (Daddy lectured in the London School of Economics, wink wink). He wants to bring in a minimum wage of £8 per hour by 2020. £8!!! The Greens want a living wage of £10 per hour in the same timescale. What planet are these people living on?!! In London the ‘living wage’ is already £8.80 an hour – and people are still having to claim housing benefit and working tax credits so they can afford to eat! If your wages have to be topped up, guess what…. it’s not a living wage!

Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) is a qualified solicitor, and we all know how legalese (the twisted version of English practiced by lawyers) is used against us, so we have to be REALLY careful before agreeing to anything she says. Natalie Bennett (Green) was a journalist, has a degree in Mass Communication, is a fierce feminist and wants to cover the land in useless wind turbines instead of funding scientific explorations into new ways of harnessing natural energies. Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) is a former probation officer who spoke fantastically on behalf of Wales but appears too emotional to successfully wield a great deal of power.

That’s it. That’s our choice. The rich boys or the angry women. Are you beginning to see how we are truly being fucked over? Who chose these people as our potential leaders? No-one asked us what qualities we are looking for in a future Prime Minister. No-one asked us what qualities we are looking for in any potential Cabinet Minister. We get to elect the already selected, as chosen by Bankers and Big Business, or ‘The Paymasters’ as Nick Fallon (LibDem) referred to them a couple of years ago. The Paymasters are meant to be the general public! Isn’t that part of what you pay taxes for? Isn’t that why the needs of The People are meant to come first? Being a Member of Parliament used to be an honour. It was a position that showed you had acheived a standing of respectibility in your community. It signified that you were successful in the eyes of your peers. It meant that you were trusted and knew what you were talking about. Now we have career politicians that have never had a career, are despised by the public and held in contempt by intelligensia. A Cabinet full of ‘old school ties’ that couldn’t even get a 1st in their Degrees, are you fucking kidding me?!!

In society today our priorities are upside down. We place more value on looks and image than intellect. Geeks are comedy fodder while Joey Essex and co are held as icons. While we may snigger and say the TOWIE crew would make a better job of running the country, do we really mean it? That’s a serious question because, if you step back and look, that’s exactly the way we are going. It’s time to re-evaluate our position with regard to intelligence. It’s time to call for the brightest, most adept, clearest thinking people of our Nation to come forward and lead. The ones who wont try point scoring based on public opinion but will focus on the real problems and work together to resolve them. We shouldn’t need elections. The most intelligent among us (regardless of their background) should be placed in position by their peers and held responsible to The People. If they fuck up they lose their place.

The proper function of the State is to optimise itself through optimising each and every one of its citizens. It has to maximise the potential of everyone, from any background. The optimal State is the one governed by its smartest and most meritorious citizens – Plato’s Philosopher Kings, who are not allowed to accumulate any private wealth and must be devoted entirely to the public good, the opposite of today’s rulers of the world.

Every person must be allowed to go as far as their talents take them, and that means they must not be up against a rigged system of privilege, cronyism and nepotism, designed to favour the children of the Elite and to obstruct the progress of everyone else.


The vote is the last piece of power We The People have in our sham of a democracy. It is important. It can still cause the Elite problems, but only if we use it wisely. A vote for any of the established Parties is a vote to keep the current system in place. However if you vote National Health Action Party, Independent or any gimmick party, it has an effect. If enough do we get to send shockwaves through the Establishment. I see little value in ‘spoiling’ the ballot paper, it’s simply thrown away, but –  you can pick up your ballot paper and walk out with it. That at least screws their count and causes all kinds of hassle! If enough do they would have to run the whole thing again! If everyone eligible to vote actually did we could have our first Independent Government. This election is a time to shake up the Establishment, to let them know we are not taking their crap anymore…

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