Oooops, There Goes The Revolution

Ever get the feeling you’re being toyed with?

First there was UFO disclosure- well, kind of. Then the Bank of England admitted our notes were nothing more than IOUs. Then came Jimmy Savile, Elm Tree House and the rounding up and hounding of 1970’s DJs and children’s entertainers, with a few dead MPs thrown in for good measure, WW3 is on it’s way – and now there will be a debate in Parliament about the creation of money for the first time in 170 years!!!

Well fuck me, the whole lot is out in the open now! Yes I know there have been more ‘disclosures’ than that, but who can remember it all? Feel free to add extras in the comments if you wish.

Talk about cutting the feet off the revolution! Ok, so it means the Elites are worried, but look- MPs involved in paedophile rings and associated scandals, including murder, and where is the public reaction? Nowhere. Not a sausage. And are the Elite really worried? The general public are now so done down and apathetic that these revelations barely register. All they do is sacrifice some of their puppets (head of MI6 implicated in something or other now, who gives a crap anymore?) and it’s back to business as usual. But hey, just for the purposes of distraction and giving the illusion of opposition, here are Anonymous and Russell Brand.

Anonymous, the elite of computer hackers. 10 years ago Gary McKinnon hacked NASA with a dial up connection and exposed information regarding ‘off world officers’. That means (at the very least) there are military bases on other worlds! That’s an exposure!! What have Anonymous given us? Erm….. Oh I know, some dodgy YouTube videos telling us that they are going to do something. Wow. I am totally underwhelmed. Seriously, they haven’t leaked ONE official document about anything in all this time? Yay, real professionals. Real radicals. Anon advice to other hacktivists – don’t do it, leave it to us. All the while assuring Joe Public that something will be done and these tyrants will be brought to their knees and so we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…..

As for Russell ‘Parklife’ Brand, well where do you start? His carefully evolving Messiah image? His advocating for – well, what is it? Anarchy or David Cameraman’s Big Society? No offence to Anarchists, but let’s be honest- RB is spouting anarchy for beginners, which is uneasily similar to the fabled Big Society is it not? Crowing about a moneyless society while dating a Rothschild, conflict of interests anyone? But that doesn’t matter any more because they’ve split up. The ‘Parklife’ nickname has been swiftly curtailed by him recording the song- in less than a week?!!!! Come on! Pull the other one it has bells on! How much media attention does he get for someone who is a threat to the Establishment? And please don’t go there with the ‘oh but he was already famous’ line, tell that to JFK, Martin Luther, Steve Biko, Pope John Paul I among countless others who were silenced even though they were permanently in the public eye. So what will Brand’s future be? Will he fade away to nothing? Will there be a failed attempt on his life by a lone gunman, securing his legacy as the People’s Messiah when he makes a full recovery? Or will he just continue to spout his ‘don’t vote’ line, thereby ensuring the 1% continue to get their way as they will keep voting. Cynical? Me? Well, maybe just a tad šŸ˜‰

And what do we do now? For a start we need to build bridges between the different groups like Anarchists, Monetary Reform, Freemen, Conscious Evolutionists, Anti-Frackers, Political Reformers, Environmentalists, and so on. This is the time to start looking for common ground rather than endlessly debating which one is right. They are ALL right and they are ALL complementary and between them we pose a serious challenge to The Powers That Be. But while people stick to their own little groups, forever patting each others backs for their amazing insights and ideas we will get nowhere, and that is the biggest problem that I see. Whether someone has 800 or 8000 Facebook friends, whether their radio show is being listened to by 30 or 3000, if they are only communicating with people that already agree with them- what difference does it make? There are 65 MILLION of us in this country. A few thousand actively engaged ain’t worth a whole lot in comparison. So come on, let’s drop our own ‘activist talk’ (ironic when you consider that we berate the Gov’t for using language against us), let’s communicate in Plain English and please, let’s find agreement. The Movement, by the rules of Natural Law, is duty bound to be leaderless. It HAS to be. You CANNOT have a first among equals. You can, by agreement, elect people to positions of Care (eg, head of education, health, energy, social care, economy, local councils, etc) by respect of their having the skills and knowledge needed to hold and manage such a position for the greatest benefit of all. But on this precarious road to getting ‘there’ we are numerous and we are equal. If your ego can’t handle that, please take yourself out of the way and make room for those who can.

In the meantime, and in the light of WW3, may I suggest that you write down, print out, make hieroglyphs of, or whatever your preferred method of the written language may be, the top 10 principles of your chosen activist angle. Don’t store them electronically, one EMP blast and it’s lost forever.

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