A Revolution? What for….?

So there I was, awaiting the inspiration to write Rants and Rambles pt 2 but, it didn’t come. What did happen though were some very interesting conversations about the revolution and how life could be after it….

It seems that we need absolutely no plans in place post revolution, I guess because everyone will just somehow ‘know’ exactly how life is going to be. The people with no plan are often the very same people that talk about ‘the sheeple’. Let’s look at this shall we? We’re going to stage a revolution, take out the Government, sack all the MPs, lock up the bankers, leave the EU, ban pesticides – grow organic, ban fracking- free energy for all, there will be no money, no police, no authority and somehow, magically, ‘the sheeple’ will understand what’s happening and everything will be just fine. Cos after all, this is a revolution of consciousness isn’t it?

Yes, for people who are already awake!

You know, some have said ‘make the psychopaths live with poor families who have children growing up and going to school’. What difference is that supposed to make to a psychopath?!!! They’ll just resent living in a poor family’s home!

Honestly, some people don’t have a fucking clue….

Don’t get me wrong, these people have great hearts. They really do want the best for their fellow man, ok they’re often distracted and confused by the whole ‘Love n Light’ and ‘We Are All One’ stuff without seeing the psy-op behind it, but at least they do actively want change. If only they knew what they wanted and how to go about it.

don't keep calm


I would like to start a conversation. Let’s get organised, let’s get a plan together or -to be honest-  we stand no chance of pulling off any change at all.

Where oh where to begin? There are numerous changes that could be made so if you’ll indulge me a while I have a few ideas to get the conversation started…

Government and politics. This is such a big issue I believe it deserves a stand alone piece, preferably a collaboration, so if you have any thoughts about how to bring around positive change- let me know! Let’s get talking…

Money. Even if you do agree with being a moneyless society would you for just a few minutes really REALLY think about what would happen if overnight we got rid of money? It would be chaos! What, suddenly everyone is entitled to everything? So I can just move into that mansion and fill it with all the goods from the shop over there? Oh yeah, I can clear out Waitrose and Sainsburys, the farmers and suppliers wont mind not being rewarded for their goods will they? And I can finally get my kids and grandkids anything they want! Oh joy!!

And then imagine 65 million other people all thinking the same thing. Not such an idyllic picture after all huh?

Now yes, we could probably get there eventually but right now the moneyless society is a way off. So how do we bridge the gap? Well for a start we could rip up the contract currently held with the Bank of England, who have admitted our notes are nothing more than IOUs and we know they come with debt/ interest attached. The BofE is a private company, therefore it needs to make money for it’s owners and shareholders so it charges us for the privilege of printing our money. The Government has agreed that this is a good plan. I disagree. Money is meant to be a tool of exchange, but it should be worth what you are exchanging it for. In other words, it should be a credit note (credit as in when your bank account is IN credit, as opposed to the ironically named credit card) and instead of saying ‘I promise to pay the bearer…’ it could say ‘you have been paid…’ And yes the flow would still need to be controlled to avoid inflation, deflation, boom and bust, but how about the people controlling it are qualified, respected economists fully accountable to the general public instead of jumped up Eton idiots looking to line their own pockets?!! Should the currency stay under Government control? There are arguments for and against this and at the moment I am undecided though veering towards ‘no’. I’m not convinced that a nations currency should be a political football. However, for a Government to be effective it has to have access to money, so we also need to make sure the economists can’t use the issuance of currency as leverage. See what I mean? Not really a clear cut decision…

BUT, that one change- just that ONE change would allow for everything that follows-

The NHS to be fully funded and run as a service instead of a business. It is not meant to generate money, it is meant to keep people well so they can generate money! We could completely revamp the service too. Open it up to all forms of medicine. Herbalism, naturopathy, homoeopathy, chiropractors, osteopaths, cranial sacral therapists, massage and bodywork, energy healing (hands on, Reiki, etc), nutritional therapists, crystal healing, sound therapy, magnets, bio-resonance feedback, hypnotherapy- hey it could actually be a National Health Service instead of a national sick service. And you, yes YOU, get to choose how you want to be treated! Of course there would still be doctors, nurses, surgeons, specialists and the rest, but with this amount of support their workloads would be considerably lightened and they could actually have a life too!!

cancer 2

Public transport.The clue is in the name- public transport. Properly managed and maintained, free to use and, as far as possible and practical, available 24 hours a day. Again this is meant to be a service, not a cash generator. There will still be a need for taxis and minicabs, bus routes don’t cover every road and nor should they. We don’t have the roads for it and who living on a quiet little road wants buses blundering through every hour? But routes could be extended, new ones set up so that even the smallest, remotest village gets the service that suits the needs of the residents.

Fibre optic broadband (or whatever the best one is), to be laid out across the entire country. More on this later.

Education. Free for all. Teachers, Heads and educational psychologists to design and implement systems of education that take into account the differing ways in which people learn. Smaller classrooms. More schools. Specialised schools. This is stuff that has been known about for years and yet has never been taken seriously. Steiner schools have consistently above average results though formal education doesn’t start until children are 7 years old. Think we’re missing a trick or two there? Most of us remember having subjects we were good at, ones we enjoyed, and often at least one we didn’t like. Surely we should be encouraging the talents shown, not trying to squeeze everyone into the same mould. Oh and how about we teach children about the changes that they will go through BEFORE it happens. Whole generations of teenagers fully aware of what is going on inside their brains and bodies and the techniques that can be used to help them cope with it- wouldn’t that be amazing? Everyone aware of how their bodies work and the best way to look after themselves. REAL education of REAL benefit to all and teachers nurturing ALL talents. Who could ask for more?
And no more businesses funding universities! How can there be any objective study done if the centre of learning is dependent on successful, often biased, outcomes for an outside interest?

A nation of critical thinkers are highly unlikely to be manipulated into useless consumerism and illogical, unnecessary wars



Care. I can only comment one one aspect of care, that of people with physical disabilities with severe learning difficulties, because I am the mother of someone with this level of need. It really hacks me off when people with no understanding or experience tell me how my son should be cared for. How dare some jumped up do-gooder tell me that ‘the disabled should have a city of their own to live in’!! Well ok, so how about we have all people with blue eyes living in the South, brown eyed folk can go North and those with green eyes to the Isle of Wight? Surely if everyone has the same eye colour they’ll get along wont they? This is the level of ignorance that the disabled face every day. Have you got any idea of the variety of disability? Have you realised that no matter the level of disability our family members have feelings, hopes, wishes and dreams too. They have personal likes and dislikes. They get just as pissed off about things as you do, though what they get pissed about could be completely different and to YOU may seem unimportant, but don’t we ALL have differing priorities?
But anyway, how disabled would someone need to be to go this city? Deaf? Blind? Schizophrenic? Depressed? An amputee? Down’s Syndrome? Epilepsy? Paralysed in one leg? Paralysed from the waist down? Autistic? High functioning Aspergers? Mild learning difficulties? Just where in a deteriorating illness, like Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, cancer, arthritis, etc does disability start? What about people with fatigue syndromes- are they disabled?
Or is it just the ones that make you feel uncomfortable….?
And this is a good one- ‘people with disabilities should contribute to society’. Again, looking at the levels of disability, this is a perfectly reasonable expectation for a majority of the disabled population. But there are a minority who are unlikely to be able to contribute in a direct, meaningful way, however they do provide for jobs! Carers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, visual impairment teachers, special needs teachers, educational psychologists, nurses, doctors, neurologists, specialists of all kinds, orthotics designers and makers, wheelchairs designers and makers- and that’s the short list! Contribute to society? Don’t they do enough already?!!! Ffs, for some of these people just getting through the day is an achievement, so in the politest possible way- you can shove your contribution where the sun don’t shine!


Farming and food production. Did you know that evil tyrant Gadaffi used to give people who wanted to farm- a home, the land, equipment, seeds, livestock and anything else they needed PLUS a years money up front? That’s it. Just given to them. And they had a year to make a success of it. If we made it that easy we just might have more people actually wanting to farm. Smaller farms, re-introduce crop rotation, smaller herds being fed real food with enough land to roam and graze on. We could also explore vertical farming for small scale mass production and hydroponics for foods that don’t grow so well in our climate. Scientists could determine if GM foods can be made safe for consumption, with high levels of bio-available vitamins, and they could be organically farmed. GM doesn’t have to mean deadly and science should be allowed to explore all options open to us.
We could be doing this NOW but for the Bank of England!!
We could charge a tax convenience food companies that use all kinds of additives, colourings and preservatives that are known to be harmful to health, and subsidise the, often smaller, companies that offer healthier alternatives. Watch how quickly food quality would improve! And finally, finally, science could look at how different foods encourage health in different people (blood groups alone demand different diets) and we can drop all of these stupid food ‘fads’ that have done little more than to wreck people’s health and cause the yo-yo of weight gain/loss.


Earlier I said fibre optic broadband to be rolled out across the country, and it should be. Access to it should also be free, but I see so much more than that. I am fed up that my 5yr old laptop is running slow, overheating, can no longer be repaired cheaply (it’s too old!) and is running a system that has inbuilt backdoors for our secret spy services to use. Jacques Fresc had some good ideas in ‘The Venus Project’. Why can’t our pcs, laptops, mobiles, etc be bug free? Why can’t they have interchangeable parts so repairs are no problem? We have the designers, technicians and engineers to do this. We have the computer programmers, analysts, web designers, etc that can give us safe, stable, spyfree access to the internet.
This could be extended to cover all our household machinery- cars, motorbikes, washing machines, tumble driers, ovens, televisions, etc, and the insurance that we currently pay for breakdown cover could be used to have items maintained every 6 to 12 months dependent on need and use, so that problems can be detected before breakdowns!

Don’t know if any of you have spotted this yet, but in this brave new world the unemployment figures are dropping very quickly…

Energy/fuel. There are so many alternatives on offer, take your pick! But everyone is always shouting about ‘free’ energy. Define ‘free’. No matter what system is finally used it’s never going to be free. Think about it- if we roll out solar panels across every roof in the land to feed into the national grid, we still need people running the national grid and they will need to be paid. The panels have a 20yr lifetime and will need to be replaced. Again there is a cost involved. Perhaps an OverUnity device is created and installed in every house- it still needs to be maintained.
You have to accept that fuel will never be free (unless we do actually make it to a moneyless society), but so what if costs are minimal? Right now I’d be happy to ‘only’ pay £40 a month towards maintenance instead of the £130 I currently pay to cover gas and electric.
We put out the challenge to the scientists and the inventors to find the best way of harnessing the energies around us, with an amount of money offered to help them get started and a place in history for the winning design

And there is my contribution to this conversation. I sincerely hope that people do start talking. It’s time to reach out to the ‘sheeple’ and show them how life could be- cos scaring them with how life is hasn’t worked so far has it? But please, there has to be something that the whole movement can agree on or we’ll be picked off like flies.

In closing I would like to say that yes I’ve made some barbed comments, and maybe some reading this have recognised some of their own thoughts and points of view, but if anything I’ve said has caused you to wonder am I talking about YOU- then the answer is no. I chat to many people and you’d be surprised how similar most people’s thoughts are. Having said that, I love this particular card and this seems the appropriate place to put it…

Lace that bitch

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  1. no change without a mass change in consciousness first – that’s why no money, and all the other free energy, grow your own food, help your neighbour for free type ideas won’t work – people need to know who they are and where they’ve come from and why they’re here first before they act accordingly (ie – like children of god, not children of satan.)

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