Rants and Rambles pt1

I’ve heard sooo much crap just lately it’s quite mind boggling!!
Don’t use the big supermarkets! Don’t eat at McD’s! Don’t pay your bills! Step out of the system! Don’t vote! Anti Zion must mean you’re pro Islam! We don’t need money! We don’t need Governments! It’s all an Illusion! Hang the Illuminati! The Law of Attraction! It’s not the problem, it’s your reaction to it! Love will heal the world! Focus on the good and the bad will fade away!

On and on and on and on….

Oh but don’t worry cos if it all goes down the crapper the aliens will come and sort it out!

Ffs! Really?!!!

So let’s look at some of these points shall we?

Don’t use the big supermarkets, support your local farmers.
Brilliant! Couldn’t agree more. IF you can afford it. And IF there is a local farmer you can buy from. But not every community has this, however most have a Tesco/ Sainsburys/ Morrison’s, etc nearby.
Now we all know that these big supermarkets have turned former communities into wastelands. Destroyed local markets, ruined local economies, caused soaring unemployment figures and probably now use zero hours contracts, but guess what – it’s done now, and no amount of bitching and moaning is going to turn the clock back.
You want to make a difference? Open a co-op in a derelict town. BE the difference you’re always banging on about, but don’t tell me how I should shop.

do no harm

Don’t pay your bills.
Wow what a considerate human you are! Come on, think it through. Do you really think that is going to ‘stick it to the man’? Seriously?
What your actions will actually do is drive down wages as companies have to recoup their losses. Do you honestly believe that the CEOs will reach into their own pockets to make up for deficits? Do you think they will take a drop in their own wages?
What’s the point shouting about psychopaths if you don’t understand how they ‘tick’?! You’re not ‘sticking the man’ with anything by not paying- but you will cause others to lose jobs as the company has to resize. Congratulations! You just made everything worse.

Don’t eat at McDs.
Damn good advice if you value your health, however if you think your stance will make any difference to the money grabbers at the top, then I must admit I find your naivety endearing.
Ever heard of rebranding? Repackaging? Ok, so McDs fails, yay! Health becomes important again! Ooooo look, a new food place. Organic burgers and fries! Fantastic!! Now it might be 5 times the price of McDs, but it’s organic. Fast food that’s good for you. Happy happy, smiling faces. Now look at the names of the CEOs. Hang on, aren’t they the ones that used to…….

Step out of the system.
The New World Order (which is actually just the Old World Order but out and proud) salutes you. Once you step OUT of the system you can no longer effect any change IN it.
Growing your own food is a wonderful idea if you have the land and storage space needed to be self sufficient all year round. But please explain to me how a couple in a flat on the 7th floor raising 2 children and working 2/3 part time jobs each are meant to find the land or the time to do this? The waiting list for allotments in Inner Cities is up to roughly 4yrs. Hmmmm, can’t quite see the sweeping changes coming this way, and who knows what a state we’ll be in after 4 more years.
Then there’s health. For sure eating clean, naturally grown food is going to make the biggest difference to your health, and yes there are a plethora of herbal remedies growing in our hedgerows and wastelands (not to mention the ‘weeds’ multiplying in your gardens and balconies) that can heal all kinds of illnesses but when you’ve got a broken bone or appendicitis it’s not a herbalist you’ll be wanting! But once you opt out, that’s it pal- you are out! No NHS number, no treatment unless you’ve got a few thousand stashed in your tent/ tepee somewhere.
And that’s just scratching the surface of opting out. Small wonder it’s always the young, healthy, single people that are the most vocal about this. Knobheads.

Don’t vote
Ah who does anymore?
I’ll tell you who does – the twats that are running the country and ruining our lives!! And guess what? They will continue to do so while every other bugger just sits back and moans about what’s happening.
Fucking vote! But DON’T vote for one of the big parties. USE your vote to make a difference. If everyone that bitched and moaned had voted for No2EU at the last European election, guess who would’ve won?
How about at the next General Election voting for the National Health Action party? That would really piss off the Tories, and Labour!
Our vote is the last piece of the democratic process we have left. It can still be powerful. So let’s use it


Anti Zion = pro Islam
No you numbskull, being anti Zion makes me pro humanity! I also didn’t agree with the wars in Argentina, Iraq, Afghanistan. Vietnam was before my time but I wouldn’t have supported it. Getting the picture now? I don’t agree with the sanctions against Libya, Iran, or any other country. And standing off to Russia? Oh my fucking god, what a joke!
But while we’re here- wtf is this all about? The trouble in Palestine/Israel has been going on for almost 60 years. Why has it become fashionable to talk about it now?
There is the big question….
Something has been planned. Something is going on. Shit is gonna land somewhere.
Almost 100 years ago Albert Pike predicted WW3 would begin between the Arabs and the Jews. Now, everyday, the public are being whipped into a frenzy of hate against Israel (though it should only be Zionists – which, by the way, includes Cameron and Milliband, among others), but where is the Arab world? Where have they been for the last 60 years?
When other Arab countries get involved then it is probably only a matter of time until war proper breaks out. Israel is armed to the teeth, plus has the backing of the USA, and apparently most of Europe, however much the general public disagrees (democracy huh?!).
Watch carefully. Get some supplies in.

terror has no religion


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